Friday, February 03, 2012

Flight Times

Mike B and I swapped a few text messages and planned some flight time this evening.  Mary was feeling good and I felt confident she would be ok resting at home.  With her blessing, more like a go play and give me peace and quiet, I was headed to the plane.
Jersey shore looking north from cape may, nj
Mike was well into the pre-flight as I walked through the gate.  We were ready to fly in short order as we saddled up for this evenings flight.  I was right seat tonight, designated safety pilot and intent on enjoying my view.  The plan was to head across the river and invade Millville. 
RT 147 N. Wildwood
First up was the ILS RWY 10 into Millville. Mike did a nice job even though we had to share space with a citation jet heading from the east and a Cessna tracking towards the airport from behind our approach.  I made the radio calls inbound from LADIE, just over five mile final.  Yes, here it comes, Millville radio tied up the airway giving ridiculous reports that none of us needed.  Somehow, throughout all the chatter the aircraft managed to get it all sorted out, despite Millville radio, and we all lived to tell about it.
west Wildwood
Mike went missed and headed south east to Cape May for the Localizer RWY 19 approach. We were pointed direct KAGYS and did the procedure turn before intercepting the localizer.  A nice job topped off with a low approach only, mixing with traffic.  Mike was anxious to try the missed approach which was as follows;

Climb to 1000' then a climbing left turn to 2500' via heading 050* and SIE R-180 to the SIE vortac then via SIE R-333 then to KAGYS and hold.
An interesting missed especially when trying to knock off the rust! Mike did a nice job then rolled into the VOR-A for a third approach and a full stop landing. Once on the ground we gathered up our thoughts, I looked for my cell phone, and we taxied out for departure.  We were soon back in the air and heading to MIV for one last approach on the Jersey side. This time we would shoot the GPS RWY 28 approach.
Once again with traffic near the airport busy, Millville radio managed to screw things up. They insisted on reading all NOTAMS to include an AIRMET for high level turbulence to every pilot making traffic reports.  We're talking two Cessna's and us in the Sundowner doing pattern work and practice approaches. I did get a chuckle when the always professional Mike advises Millville radio they are giving info that is part of a pilots pre-flight and unless they had a PIREP that was urgent they were only making local communications difficult. From that point on Comms were uninterrupted and amazingly traffic flowed smoothly. Thankfully we completed the approach with a touch and go and climbed out for Wilmington. The Cessna in the pattern shooting approaches also advised clearing the area.
I dialed in Philly approach on 119.75 about 10 miles south of the Woodstown vor and requested the ILS RWY 1 approach into Wilmington.  I provided our location, altitude and current ATIS info and was provided a squawk code.  Mike made the selection for the IAF BlARE, instead of the Vectors To Final (VTF). This choice enables you to still fly vectors to final but provides the added bonus of listing all the IAF's in case approach decides to turn you direct to any of the available points. Why is this important you ask? Having the ability to select direct to any of the points on the approach saves added steps (chug and plug) on the 530 when in fact you may be in the clag and need to be flying the plane.
The Philly controller gave us a few vectors and once crossing the river, cleared us for the approach and turned us over to the tower. I checked in with the tower and advised 08Romeo on the ILS 1, full stop going to red eagle. Wilmington cleared us to land and advised cleared to land long.  The land long speeds up the process to get to the far end of the runway to our turn off, taxiway Kilo.

We secured the plane and headed over to the Border Cafe' (Eats) for dinner and some review. We also had a chance to catch up since it's been awhile since we last flew. Good times as always with Mike, looking forward to our next flight!


Chris said...

Millville sounds like my one experience with Altoona, where there was also an FSS. Every aircraft in the pattern got the full litany of somewhat irrelevant information. Frankly, when I'm in the pattern, all I want to know is which way the sock it pointing.

Sounds like a fun workout, at least.

Gary said...

Exactly! Wind direction and let me hear the traffic,thats all I need.

Steve said...

Man, those guys at Millville just don't get it, do they? You've been saying the same thing about 'em for years now!

Gary said...

Steve, They just get under my skin. I don't even bother calling Leesburg anymore to complain, it does NO good.