Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lunch Run KMQS

Mike and I once again swapped text messages and it was decided we would make a lunch run to Chester County, KMQS.  I gave Mike a heads up I was going to ask Vince to tag along, he agreed.  We all met at the plane, including the fuel truck, around 11:30.  Fill to the tabs plus two translates to 15 gallons (tabs) plus two is 17 gallons per side for a total of 34 gallons. Weight and Balance works out to just 11lbs under gross if I empty out the winter supplies and my cleaning supplies. The Sundowner usable is only 819 lbs and with a fat arsed pilot it takes up valuable poundage.
With the pre-flight completed we started up and taxied out for departure. VFR to the north for some simulated instrument work. Mike got a good work out yesterday and I figured I would shoot a couple today. First up was the ILS RWY 29 into KMQS.

I had a problem with my foggles, that I haven't used in ages.  I normally use the Jepp flip shades but they split in two. The foggles messed with my glasses and I had my transitions on instead of my normal glasses, bad choice. Mike and I swapped controls and Vince handed me my regular pair that I fly with, it was much better.  Two turns later I was intercepting the ILS and trying desperately to ride the rails. As I got close to the DH I had some needle movement but managed to salvage a very nice landing. Maybe there is some rust on this pilot after all.
KILG Traffic
With one in the book we took a break for lunch. The restaurant was very busy and aircraft started streaming in to the ramp. Bob C and his daughter Mackenzie joined us for lunch and that made for a nice get-together. Food and service was very good as we swapped flying adventures and got the dirt on the Helicopter that caused damage to planes on the ramp during a high speed taxi.
KMQS Terminal
As we sat Vince said it looked like it was snowing. What? That was not in the forecast but sure enough it was in fact snowing. We settled up the bill, thanks Mike for the treat, and we headed out to the plane. The nose plugs did manage to keep some heat in the engine room so we started up and taxied out for the run up area.  As we taxied out everyone else that was in the restaurant that flew in was making tracks for their planes.
Conga line
On the go, KMQS
I filed while we sat at the table so in case we needed a pop up we were ready. We scooted out at 2000' VFR since three and above would have put us in the clag.  We had good ground contact until New Garden N57, then we decided on requesting a pop up with Philly. Mike had the radios and I was on the instruments, Vince was spotting for traffic since there would be a rush of planes trying to get home. Philly gave us a squawk code and we were in the system. We received vectors to final for the ILS RWY 1 approach into Wilmington. The wx actually cleared briefly and we did consider canceling IFR but if you are in the system and have potential wx ahead it's best to keep it until you're on the ground safe.
KEVY at 2000'
Philly has us track south parallel to the final approach to runway 1. With just two turns we were cleared for the ILS and handed off to the Wilmington Tower.  I will say once I went on instruments my flying got tight, perfect on heading and holding altitude, just like I was trained to do. The localizer came alive and I set my speed a bit over 90 knots as I literally road the rails to the runway. I was in the donut to the runway and made a sweet long landing for taxiway Kilo.
Intercept ILS 1 - KILG
Good flight for lunch and a nice test to keep the skills sharp, I love having the instrument rating. I will say there is always that added comfort level with Mike in the right seat. Always the teacher and making me bring my game up another notch.

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