Monday, January 21, 2013


With the winter wx approaching I wanted to get some additional time in the air today. Also, I had traded text messages with my friend and safety pilot Mike B, (Mr. Snowboarder) last night that he and his Bride were headed home and he was available for flying today.  A tentative plan was hatched and we would catch up in the morning.

TAF KILG 211744Z 2118/2218 19007KT P6SM OVC080
     FM212000 22009KT P6SM OVC050 TEMPO 2122/2202 28012G20KT 4SM
     -SHSN BKN025 OVC040
     FM220200 30014G24KT P6SM SCT035 BKN080
     FM220500 28016G28KT P6SM SCT060
     FM221400 28020G30KT P6SM SCT050 BKN150=

Fast forward to this morning at 5:30am.  I already had Maggie fed and out and was just checking my iPad and iPhone for charge status before heading to the airport. Each device needed some charger time and I left my mobile charger in my company Ford Explorer, I'm stuck at the house a bit longer.
I am finally on the road and motoring for ILG.  Today I packed my 800 watt generator for the pre-heat since I didn't feel like driving to the airport last night to do the extension cord thing after texting with Mike. The roads were empty most likely due to the MLK Holiday and I made great time.  I got 08Romeo all set up and fired up the generator, it purred real nice.  Hmmmm, did I fill this the last time I used it, I hope so, I didn't check. It felt heavy and sounded like it had fuel. A few pulls and we were soon making power.
I ran out to the McD's for some orange juice and a hash brown then scooted right back. I uncovered and did my pre-flight, now just waiting for the fuel truck from AeroWays. I took on enough fuel to take me to the slots, that's 20 gallons a side for the non-Beechcraft crowd. At one hour and a half the gen started to sputter, not good.  I got out of the warm SUV and moved it to a more level resting place with the carb on the down hill side hoping the fuel would pool.  Didn't I check? Heck no, what's the point I didn't bring the small premixed container with me.

Sure enough about twenty minutes later the generator went silent key.  About that same time my phone alerted me to a text, Mike was letting me know he was under the wx, ear infection and congested, he was a no-go. Was he not bundled up while playing in the snow this past weekend??  Ok, any chance of remaining current will expire the end of the month so I may as well just go fly today. I had Vince on standby.
I decided to fire up 08Romeo and taxi to the front of the Red Eagle hangar and wait on Vince. It was a short wait and by the time I started and taxied over he was walking through the gates just a few minutes later. I had positioned myself so he could not walk around the plane between 08Romeo and the L-39 jet next to me, he climbed up the wing and buckled in.
Senator Malkus Jr. Bridge
I had the ATIS and provided Vince the info, he taxied us out making the calls for the taxi clearance. I also gave Vince the chance to take off, he does a great job and I am shadowing controls just in case. A smooth climb out at six hundred feet a minute and minding the tach and engine temps with great care, he does a nice job. I dialed in Dover since I knew he would want to get flight following, Vince loves talking on the radio. He did very good despite the two "with you's" Gezzz I hate that.  I reminded him he is "with me" not with ATC and that that was a dig....remember phraseology I said, he acknowledged with a smirk. We were handed off to Potomac, then Patuxent and cancelled when we had the wx and field in sight. Honestly Vince's radio work is top notch.
Brrrr......Temps at 4,500 heading to Cambridge, MD
On the ramp at KCGE
We enjoyed the mason jar sweet tea's and a great breakfast. Kay's was slow this holiday morning compared to the wait in line weekend crowds. We watched a few planes take off then decided to follow suit. We bugged out and decided to make a run back to Wilmington.  I had thought about making a stop at Ocean City MD but that will be another day. I did the take off and turn out on course maintaining altitude below the R-4006 restricted area's 3,500 ceiling. We went home at 3,000' and enjoyed a nice ride with a tail wind. I guess I gave Vince controls just east of KESN- Easton, MD.
Vince did a great job getting us to ILG and into the pattern as directed by the tower. We planned the control swap on short final and Vince mirrored my control inputs as we squeaked one in. Two hours of play time and good eats, not a bad morning.

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