Saturday, March 09, 2013

Flight Time Work Out

Clear. High of 57F. Winds from the NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

57? I'm flying today!  I am scheduled with Mike B on Sunday so I really needed to knock off some rust.  Vince was available to fly today so we decided on a flight to the beach.  It was good just to play with all the switches and tune the radios, like a little kid with a new toy.

Snow geese
We launched out of Wilmington and flew direct Ocean City, MD. I hoped I would remember where to find the airport since it has been so long between flights. Dover approach was quiet as we enjoyed a smooth ride with fabulous tail winds pushing us along at 130 knots +.
Dover AFB Air Mobility Command Museum

There were a few aircraft coming and going at Ocean City and we managed to work our way in.  We had come from across the bay after a quick photo shoot of Bali Hi RV park, my home for the summer.  Pretty good winds today but a nice touch and go followed by another round full stop landing.  We taxied in to the self serve and took on 20 gallons at $5.50, what a bargain.
Bathroom stops and a quick reload, we were off for KMIV, Millville NJ for lunch. The sweet tailwinds were now throwing a blanket over us. I searched every altitude on xm trying to relieve the strain on 08R. Indicated 115, ground speed 85, it's going to be a long ride. We climbed to 5500 to cross the mouth of the Delaware Bay (10 miles)and enjoyed the view. I did a touch and go into KMIV and added the full stop on the second go. We taxied to the flight line for lunch, making our way in as the crowd was thinning out.
Ferry crossing the Delaware Bay
Tankers lined up and waiting
With full tummies we pointed 08Romeo to N57, New Garden. I figured I may as well see what it's like landing there since I may be hangared there in the near future. Vince and I had a bumpy ride back across the Delaware but we made our calls and entered the pattern for runway 24. This runway is only 50 feet wide and the markings are shot. I eased 08Romeo in and made a nice landing. The runway is really bumpy with all the crack sealer out there. We taxied off and then joined the conga line to head right back out.
It's just a short hop back to Wilmington but a nice ride enjoying the farmland passing below. Vince picked up the current ATIS landing instructions. We entered the left downwind for runway 1, number two to land, looking for opposing traffic, a Falcon jet on the ILS.  Traffic in sight, with an extended downwind I make my base turn. I wanted to have some wake turbulence clearance. I landed long which made for a short taxi to my turn off at Kilo.
Short final RWY 1 - KILG
A fun day, as always when flying, with 3.2 in the book. I'm ready for Mike to torture me tomorrow knocking out approaches.

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