Friday, March 29, 2013

Oil Change

I decided to take to the air today and clear my head along with getting 08Romeo in for an oil change. I sent Vince a text and he joined me this morning for the quick hop to 58M.  A quick climb to 1800' then a slow descent to pattern altitude 1000'.  My radio calls mirrored my flight path as I made my way into runway three one crossing midfield north east to south west for the left down wind.
On the ground with an ok landing we taxied in and shut down in front of Cecil Aero.  08Romeo had plenty of attention as Frank along with Vince worked on getting the oil changed.  I forgot to take a sample container with me so I'll wait until next change for that to be saved and sent.  Seven fresh quarts of golden honey and one in the baggage compartment, a new filter and leak test complete.  We buttoned up 08Romeo and I settled up the bill.

The wind had picked up and it was bumpy on the way home, all of twelve minutes.  A real nice landing and taxi back to the tie down. Looking in the supplemental flight log I keep in the plane I note that I have added two quarts in 50 hours, that's not bad at all.

I have an interior guy coming out to repair my headliner that has started to bubble. I want that fixed asap so my plane will still look good.  Also getting scheduled is the annual wash wax by the FBO. 08Romeo always looks like she has fresh paint when they get done.

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