Sunday, March 10, 2013

Working Towards Currency

Mike and I swapped text messages yesterday and agreed to meet at the plane by 8:30.  Mike also reminded me that would be 8:30 after the time change to daylight savings time.  We were both anxious to fly and do some approach work.  After a quick spray with my de-ice fluid 08Romeo was clear of thick frost.  Our ramp neighbor had some cleaning to do on his straight tail Cessna, we were ready to start.
O8Romeo fired off  on the second attempt, she likes prime.  I guess we sat for ten minutes or so to make sure the oil temps were up, solid in the yellow. Calm winds today but the tower folks had us taxi to runway one four, not the norm but it works all the same.  After our run up we were cleared for takeoff with a right turn on course.

First up was Mike doing some flying and maneuvers since it's been a while since he and 08Romeo danced. He didn't miss a beat and always makes it look so easy and smooth.  With a transfer of command I was back in the game.  I followed some vectors with speed changes (role play radio work) and made my way to KEVY, Summit Airport.  I knocked out the GPS 35 low approach only and then the published missed. From the missed and some vectors I was now shooting the GPS 17 approach which ended in a full stop.  I will say it's been a while since I had to come out from under the foggles for a landing and getting the vision quickly up to speed on short final left me "testing" the runway surface for soft spots. Yepper, kerplunked one in, I think I'm a bit shorter now.
After making some radio changes and plotting out the next round Mike taxied out for take off.  Smooth roll and keeping us clear of Mr. turkey buzzard who was head on, opposite direction inbound. Thankfully, 08Romeo was once again in the air.  With some vectors I positioned for the GPS 31 into Cecil County, 58M.  I had shot this approach back in September 2011 to minimums, it was a first for me. Today the only obstacle was the foggles, I really hate them.  Yes, hate is a strong word but I'm trying to be PC here.
Mike advised no ground contact go missed when appropriate, I do just that.  Mike makes some mental notes for review once we are clear of the airport environment.  I am to fast on approach, not getting to 08Romeo's "numbers".  I need to set it and forget it in order to comfortably stay ahead. Good review and I really appreciate Mike always fine tuning my flight habits.
Next we figure roll the dice and see what we get from Philly. I make my call to Philly and request the GPS 9 approach for Wilmington, advising I am south west of ILG at 2,500.  Philly gives me the new code and asks for an ident.  Position confirmed, I follow vectors for now and am told to expect direct AWINN.  I'm high and need to get to 2000 by AWINN. The approach flows smoothly and once handed off to Wilmington I advise inbound. This one is going to end by going missed then back to Philly approach.  Philly vectors me for the another GPS then ILS 1.

I'm feeling pretty good having knocked off some rust now just trying to fine tune. I swap calls with Philly and get handed off to Wilmington, keep it in the donut Gary, follow the needles. I make corrections and do a decent job right until 3/4 mile out. I get about two dots wide as I am at the DH point. The ILS cone gets tighter and just two dots wide could have you lining up with an adjacent parallel taxiway. Foggles up and ready for landing. I immediately add in approach flaps and make a gentle bank right towards the runway. Adding the second notch of flaps with plenty of runway ahead, I settle 08Romeo down for a good landing.


Chris said...

A good workout is great for the soul, Gary!

I like the FAF for that last pictured approach: "WESIL". It makes me think of Chekov from Star Trek IV. Too bad there isn't an IAF called "NUCLR"!

Geoff Nelson said...

Nice job knocking off the rust and doing all that "work". Glad the weather has gotten better for ya!

Chris said...

Speaking of "My Flight Book", your endorsement led me to start using it a couple of months ago. Thanks for that, great tip!

Gary said...

Chris, glad you like the my flight book. Easy to use, print and or save the file. It really covers a lot and the price is perfect!