Sunday, December 22, 2013

Battery Minder

I tried to get some flight time in but my batteries had other plans.  After pre-flight and pulling 08Romeo out of the hanger Saturday afternoon I got two blades then clicks.  I'm not a happy camper.

Today I brought along my battery charger for a 12v system. I have  two batteries in my Sundowner so my system is 24v. As in the past I removed the plate connecting the batteries and charged each battery individually. In the mean time I drove around the airport looking for life but the wx was really turning worse so the place was a ghost town. I did see one guy starting his Cirrus and I guess he had the same thoughts as to getting the oil pumping if he couldn't get in the air.

The charger did it's job and with the wx looking better I swapped to battery number two for its charge time. As Vince reminded me yesterday a watched pot/battery never boils/charges.  Yeah yeah, I get it, I'm just not long on patience.  With the blue sky peeking through I was thinking we may get some flight time in with a quick local hop then home, enough to get a few landings in.

As the green light came on to signal charging complete, the wx decided to cover the field. Low clouds were blowing through almost like a ground fog but not quite as low. We fired up 08Romeo anyways and taxied to the other end of the airport and back, even making a loop around the hangars. I did two run-ups and taxied a bit more until the oil came up to its normal position on the temp gauge then taxied back to my hangar and shut down.

I ordered a new 24v battery minder when I got home.

BatteryMINDer 24041-AA-S2 Aircraft Battery Charger - 24 Volt - 4 Amp

The VDC Model 24041-AA-S2 Plug n Run Aviation Specific 24v Maintenance Charger - De-Sulfator - Conditioners is approved for use on Gill and Concorde Aviation batteries. This 24 volt unit is similar to model 24041-AA-S1 except for its Plug ‘n Run feature, eliminating the need to set neither the output current nor battery type, before operating. This feature is of particular importance if any person, unfamiliar with the setting requirements, is involved in maintaining the battery.
  • For all size and type 24 volt aviation batteries including sealed AGM-maintenance-free and filler cap maintenance type
  • Instant alternator condition at the push of a button.
  • Guaranteed never to over-charge, regardless of time or temperature (32°F - 125°F ) with correct battery type setting and ABS-248 temperature sensors correctly installed on either battery terminal connection
  • Auto-restart after power failure
  • Safely charges up to 200% faster than conventional chargers
  • Maintains from 1 - 6 batteries at a time (parallel connected)
  • Automatically dissolves power-robbing sulfation using safe low voltage pulse technology (U.S. Patented)
  • Microprocessor controlled pulsed output ensures 100% full charge
  • Temperature compensation extends battery life by more than 200 Cycles (full charge-discharge cycles) with ABS temperature sensor
  • High efficiency design = low monthly operating cost of less than 50¢
  • Weather-proof enclosure
  • 12 volt PowerPlug (fused) allows charger to be easily connected to battery via input 12 v power receptacle
  • 1 year 100% money-back guarantee + five (5) year "no hassle" warranty.

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