Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snug as a Bug

Wilmington was blanketed with 8.5 inches of snow last Sunday, 12/8.  It's the first snow I remember on my birthday in many years. The snow did provide an entertaining afternoon of Eagles football and I really didn't mind cranking up the snow blower at half time. What I really enjoyed was knowing I did not have to go dig out 08Romeo or clean her off. I didn't have to load up the snow blower and fuel and I didn't have to get wet and stinky from the exhaust. Instead I enjoyed the late game and a nice dinner with my Bride.
Bad memories of digging out 08R
We had a follow up snow, maybe 3 inches on Tuesday the 10th. I used the shovel and with one hand made a pass back and forth until the driveway was clean. I bagged a day of work so I didn't have to drive in it or be stuck in the office. My co-workers made all the "sally" jokes when I returned on Wednesday. I'm pretty thick skinned so I enjoyed the laughs and only countered with I was home with my Bride, you all were stuck here with each other, the laughs came to a halt.
snug as a bug
It's the weekend and once again we have snow in the forecast. Calling for 1-3 inches this afternoon, just enough to make me have to clear the driveway. Mary and I had a few errands to run this morning so we could make pizzelle cookies this afternoon. With the 'to do' list completed we are in for the rest of the day.
Stay warm and stay safe!

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