Monday, December 02, 2013

2013 Year in Review

It's time for my annual year in review and a look forward to new goals for 2014. I know I still have the remaining days in December to hit my magic 100 hour mark but wx will dictate the mission and therefore I only see a few hours added to my 75 hour total. The one bright note, I did bust 800 total hours and now sit at 820!!

As was 2012, this year with Mary's health issues made for a very slow travel year. The one long trip to Key West that would have helped the totals was so much cheaper to fly commercial that we decided to keep 08Romeo parked.
Mary's Mom passed in March which really took a toll on us both. I can still picture Mom in the back seat of 08Romeo with the headset on just taking in the view. My second Mom for sure, not many son-in-laws could say that. Mom L always voiced her opinion and I loved that. I still miss her stopping by and going out to dinner with us.
Mary and I also lost one of our dear friends in aviation. Bo Boggs passed in May and that really affected my flying. Bo was the very inspiration for this blog and was always a mentor for me when it came to aircraft  maintenance and cross country flying. I miss ya' buddy.
Maggie also left us this year in April and that came as a shock too. Maggie muffin had just turned eight, she was a loyal dog with a loving disposition and adored Mary. I hope our Ziva girl can measure up to Maggie's legacy.

The one bright note this year was the new infusion treatments for Mary's migraines. We are starting to see a little progress with their severity and honestly, her health is what is the most important issue at hand.

We did make a change and left our tie down at Wilmington's Red Eagle Avionics. We are now in a hangar at New Garden (N57)and I must say 08Romeo has responded very well to her new digs along with two spa days for wax and being pampered.

From the 2013 wish list 08Romeo was upgraded to WAAS for the Garmin 530 and the Collins transponder was replaced with a Garmin GTX327 which enables the Zaon PCAS to work flawlessly. I love having my traffic back!

On the Beach front...The plan is to once again place the motor home in Ocean City, MD for the 2014 season. 08Romeo will be our main transportation and we hope to extend our travels for some additional vacation time.  We are looking forward to a healthier year in 2014 for the both of us!

2013 Totals

(89 Landings, 17 Approaches)
Approaches - ILS: 5
Approaches - RNAV/GPS: 10
Approaches - VOR/DME: 2
Cross Country: 47.9
Night: 1.0
IMC: 3.0
Simulated Instrument: 4.9
PIC:     75.4
2014  Goals

Hours: Hoping for at least 100 
Aircraft Upgrades: Replace the Collins Audio panel with a PMA8000B
Travel: Get back on track for 4 day get-aways and explore new locations!


Chris Houston said...

Gary - Sincerest best wishes for 2014 being a better year for you and Mary than 2013. As I've expressed before, I'm very sorry for your many losses.

Frankly, with all you had going on this year, I think ~72 hours is an impressive accomplishment.

Maybe in 2014, we'll finally manage to work-in that meet-up we keep talking about!

Gary said...

Chris, thanks, it's been a tuff year but we must keep moving forward. We are healing everyday thanks to faith, family and friends.

I still have December so my numbers may break 80 :) I should add to the 2014 goals to meet up with you and Bear. We will have to plan a breakfast run very soon.

Steve said...

Very respectable year of flying, Gary. Especially in light of all the personal challenges. As Chris said, our thoughts to you and Mary again for all you went through this year.

Hope you get in some stick time before year's end. I want to hit 300 hours and only need 5 between now and New Year's. Given the weather and lack of daylight, however, that's a bit iffy as of right now.

I think all of us need to figure out a fun meetup next year. Windwood, wherever, just some fun flying destination. Might not work out, but we should give it a shot!

Gary said...

Steve, yes the time change and lack of evening light hurts my flying too. I don't like the lights at the new field and deer can roam about.

Mary and I are still kicking around a Florida run for Christmas, just pick
Up and go making arrangements on the fly. A trip like this will add 15 hours and color in another state :)

A meetup! We all must pick a central location and just do it!

Dave Rideout said...


Awesome year and great idea to set flying goals for each additional years to come! Hope to meet up with you for breakfast.

Thanks again for the blog inspiration!


Gary said...

Dave, thanks for checking in. I try and set some sort of goals each year, sometimes they help motivate, other times its aircraft improvements.

I'm up for a breakfast run, shoot me over an email and we'll meet up. My email is located just above the web counter.