Friday, June 07, 2013

Aviation Mentor Gone West

My aviation world has tumbled with the loss of one of my mentors and friend. Bo Boggs inspired this very blog and Mary and my travels on our Magic Carpet, the Sundowner. Why is magic carpet in italics? I’ve decided to throw out a few Bo-isms along the way, one of the many things that made Bo and his Bride Sandra, The Redhead, so special to Mary and me.

Bo’s blog, Flights of the Mouse is now offline. I can’t bring myself to delete from my favorites list, I most likely never will. I still smile when I see the link and I’ll miss my anxious anticipation for the next chapter in their travels.
Bo was always the southern gentleman, a rare find indeed; he is a person who has left their mark in my memory and in my heart. Bo battled lung cancer for five months. As he had always explained new things in flying and the simple approach to it all, I referenced that while talking to him. I made the comment to him one day on the phone that it’s like eating a pizza, one bite at a time. And as the saying goes, so he should do battle, one day at a time, keeping up the fight. He found the humor in that, we both paused and enjoyed a laugh, despite the serious times ahead.
Bo loved the redhead, of that I’m sure. He loved flying, traveling to new places and hangar flying with the airport bums. He was a hands on get it done man and openly shared his passion for flight and was quick to offer advice and help when needed.
I wish I knew him longer and lived closer together to have learned more from him. This is a new adventure for him, a different kind of travel. No bad wx, nothing but clear skies and tailwinds. Don’t give it a second thought my friend; if you don’t have what you need with you, you can buy find it when you get there.
E. Bo Boggs, Jr., age 71, of Plano, Texas passed away May 30, 2013. He was born September 10, 1941 in Knoxville, Tennessee to Elmo Eugene Boggs, Sr. and Gwendolyn (Penny) Boggs. Bo proudly served in the United States Air Force. On May 6, 1987 he married Sandra Crocker in Bonham, Texas.

He is survived by his wife, Sandra Boggs of Plano, Texas; son, Elliott Boggs of Beaumont, Texas; daughter, Ginger Carpenter and husband, Tim of Gordonsville, Texas; grandchild, Roo Carpenter; sister, Julie Fielding and husband, Larry of Enon, Ohio.

Bo's Memorial


Frank Van Haste said...

Gary, I'm sorry that you've lost your good friend. Please accept my condolences.


Chris said...

Sad news, indeed, Gary. I used to read "Flights of the Mouse" years ago and, though I never met him, he always struck me as a kindred spirit. I went looking for his site not too long ago and wondered when I could not find it. Thank you for passing on the news and I'm sorry for your loss.

D.B. said...

I didn't know Bo was gone, or even that he was ill. Shame on me. I did notice his Mouse hadn't been flying around at T31 recently.

Gary said...

Thanks all....Each day we move forward holding on to our memories and looking foirward to making new ones.

I just want to pay forward all that Bo provided me. I hope I can someday measure up to the person he was for me and my flying/blogging.

Steve said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, Gary. We send our condolences!

Gary said...

Thanks Steve. I'm still trying to move forward. I'm not even sure we will attend the beech aero club festival in Newport news this September. I think we might head to Mackinac Island instead.