Sunday, June 02, 2013

Beating the Race Traffic

Friday 5/31/2013
This weekend is race weekend at Dover Downs Raceway.  For anyone that is not blessed with such an event, consider yourself lucky.  I enjoy racing but I hate the thought of driving anywhere around the track or interstate system for 25 miles in each direction.
Mary and I needed to move some items to the motor home including the new crate for the puppy. We had the Sundowner packed and I had ordered fuel to the tabs, makes for a 30 gallon total on a 45 minute flight.  When we got to the plane Friday night it was fueled to the slots which added an estimated sixty pounds to my payload. I did a quick calculation with my iPhone app WnB Pro and I was still good to go despite the ninety plus degree temps and density altitude issues.
We launched for Ocean City and flew as filed KILG-ENO-EZIZI-KOXB.  Temps at six thousand were cool and the ride was smooth.  Dover stepped us down around KGED and handed us off to Patuxent who advised expect visual approach to one four.  I made a nice landing in crosswinds and taxied to a tie down in front of the jump school.

Saturday 6/1/2013

Our main mission this weekend was to meet with a real estate agent and look at potential homes for retirement. We found a really nice floor plan that we both loved and I think that will be our target style home. More on the retirement front later.
I also had a chance to help one of our neighbors who was digging footers for his new deck. It was a nice work out and he's a really nice guy.
Mary captured my best side!
I had some work to do around the motor home so I snapped a quick shot that shows our set up. Yes, that's our little beach buggy, the VW Cabrio.
There is a funny this weekend, it happened at the Food Lion market.  I was going to sign the credit card slip and the lady handed me a pen.  A pen with a spoon attached.  I had to ask why and she just giggled. So, I'm sharing my find at the market.

Sunday 6/2/2013

It was an early start this morning. We both wanted a smooth ride home and the winds were already picking up in Ocean City. The forecast for Wilmington was calling for afternoon rain and there were thunder boomers moving toward the area. We didn't want to tangle we either so we launched around nine-ish.
I did file but it was so nice I wanted to just enjoy the flight with my Bride and enjoy our breakfast we picked up. We made a stop to top off the airport car fuel and while there walked into the store next door.  Fractured Prune donut shop has the most amazing donuts. We each purchased a bottle of milk to wash it all down and it was the perfect in flight snack.
The tailwinds were great and it made for a quick smooth ride home. We did hit some bumps when we let down for Wilmington but not to bad at all.

We did get to see few pictures of our 3 week old American Mastiff pup. We will either bring home a fawn or Apricot little girl. Mary and I are so excited!!


Steve said...

Puppy! She's adorable. More than your better side... sorry. Pilots always tell it like it is, right? :-p

Gary said...

Right! :)

We get to see the pup in a few weeks then pick her up the end of the month. The pup will learn about flying on day one, we're taking off for vacation the same day.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Sounds like it'll be a blast. Just remember some clean-up supplies, to fend off any experiences like Victoria's recent fun with Turbo.