Thursday, June 20, 2013

Destination 2 - KOXB

After a fun filled day flying with Mike it was time to load up and get to the beach for a long weekend.  Yes, I bagged another day and have tomorrow (Friday) off too.  Traffic was moving pretty good and we made it back to the airport pretty quick.  Mary and I loaded up our golf clubs, extra clothes for the upcoming fourth of July week and a few provisions for the new pup Ziva's arrival next Saturday.
Looking across the Delaware bay towards NJ
The layer Mike and flew through had blown through south-south west and my path down along the Delaware River and Bay looked clear. I didn't bother to file, instead decided on a VFR flight and a pop up if needed to get into Ocean City. I did decide to contact Dover for flight following since he seemed busy with military traffic and I would be just over his airspace.
sunset west bound RT 90 bridge
A fun uneventful flight to the beach followed by dinner at OC Steamers. Dinner was ok, I guess having a steak at a seafood place wasn't the brightest thing to do. The NY Strip tasted great but I could have driven a nail into the floor with it, live and learn. At least we got to kick back at the motor home and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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