Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another no-go

We were off to the beach on Friday but our 7pm departure did not have a nice welcome planned for us at Ocean City MD.  The REAL problem is that I am not night current and could not push the flight back to wait out the wx. We gave leaving Saturday morning some thought but we were packed and ready to go, besides I wanted to play a round of golf on Saturday morning.
Yes, sigh, we ground pounded once again.  I may have to change my blog to Gary's Driving Journal if this trend keeps up!  It was a 2.5 hour run to the motor home and a good nights rest after a Royal Farms chicken dinner.
Saturday was beach day for Mary and her friend Jo Ann, I caught up with my friend Ted and played a round at Assateague Greens Golf Center. I shot a 48 on a par 27 course.  My drivers are a bit out of control but my irons are getting better. The ladies and I finished off the night watching the movie Broken City and called it an evening.
Hey, look at me!
Sunday we got up early and I made breakfast. While we sat an ate up the pancakes we watched a second movie, Guilt Trip, some good laughs indeed.
No close up's
Ziva meets Dad
Eventually we got on the road and headed for North East MD.  We made arrangements to meet our new pup, an American Mastiff.  We picked out her name and left a deposit, Ziva will be coming home on June 29th!!


ddf said...

The weather has been just painful. I've logged less than half the hours I had this time last year.

Gary said...

Yes, we have driven to the beach more times than I care to count. My hours are down too, I hope to get back on track.