Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: Buffalo Airways

Buffalo Airways   by: Darrell Knight
I must say I am a fan of the show, or should I say a fan of the vintage aircraft.  I watched Ice Pilots as often as possible and even purchased a few of the episodes I missed.

Darrell Knight takes us back to the start of his flying, no, not the rumbling radial monsters but the very beginning, the quiet of glider flight. In June of 1964 Darrell,along with ninety-nine other cadets, was awarded a glider scholarship and summer posting at the former Canadian Forces Base at Rivers, Manitoba. The author recalls his solo flight and as all of us that fly can attest, it's a moment in time that will always be etched in our memory.

The book goes on to describe his travels and flight training along with additional ratings and licenses he obtained over the years. 
With no permanent positions available in Southern British Columbia, Darrell decided to look in the North West Territories for a flying job. Having remembered the Buffalo Airways vintage aircraft from his youth, Darrell sought out a job in Yellowknife.

The author provides an in-depth look into the history of each aircraft he crews on. Starting out as a rampie and working his way to the right seat he details the long hours and physical work required to make it at Buffalo.

Overall a good read, providing a behind the scene look at the demands of flying in brutal conditions and flying the vintage fleet. This book predates the Ice Pilots show but you could have advanced the timeline and fell right into place and not miss a beat.

The book is just 207 pages and makes for an easy read. If you enjoyed the show you will like the book.

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