Thursday, January 23, 2014

Foreflight 5.5.2 Update

I recently downloaded the new Version 5.5.1  update. Works great on my iPhone iOS7, I brain farted and also updated my iPad1, iOS5. After the iPad app updated I got dumped out of Foreflight every time I went to maps screen. I quickly sent team FF customer service an email. Foreflight's response was returned in just under two hours.

Thanks for your email. We are aware of this issue, which is unique to the iPad1. The issue has been corrected and a new version of ForeFlight Mobile should be available in the App Store very soon.


What's New in Version 5.5.2

We are off and running into 2014 with the first releases of the year. Version 5.5.1 brings animated in-flight NEXRAD radar via the Stratus ADS-B receiver (both first and second generation Stratus) and a new zoom-to-route button on the Maps view. Version 5.5.2 a bug fix for iPad 1.

My iPad one lives on to fly another day! I think it's time to start looking at an update.


D.B. said...

I have the same problem. Nice to know it is being fixed.

Gary said...

I made the mistake of updating without reading comments/reviews. Users clearly stated there was an issue with iPad.

Geoff Nelson said...

Another great addition is being able to file IACO flight plans! Now I can use Foreflight to file for the Bahamas. It just keeps getting better!

Gary said...

Updated for my iPhone but can't do the latest and greatest on iPad1 :(