Monday, January 20, 2014

House Cleaning

This morning I decided to clean up the Flight Journal. I went through all my links and those that did not have a reciprocating link to my Journal were deleted.  I also went back and read through my RV blog and decided I did not want to update both and so that went into the circular file too.

I have been giving some thought to retooling the look of the blog, its been the same since 2005, it's time.  So, pardon the dust, the color changes and layout until I decide what works. Maybe I'll end up keeping the old familiar look but for now it's time to experiment.


Steve said...

New design looks great!

For some reason, your favorites in the right-hand nav still show up funny for me (in Chrome - it's fine in IE).

Here's a screengrab:

Gary said...

Odd, I wonder why that happens.

Steve said...

Hard to say. Could honestly be one of the many extensions I have enabled in Chrome. I wouldn't worry about it too much! :)

Chris said...

I often see the same effect in Chrome, too, Gary.

I like the new look, though. White text on black backgrounds always play havoc with my eyes, so
I like your new color scheme!