Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reposition Flights

It has been a busy day moving airplanes around.  Mike was moving the Cirrus SR22 to Lancaster, KLNS for it's annual and I was his ride home to Wilmington, KILG.

I had 08Romeo out and ready to taxi for fuel by 8:30ish and my SUV tucked in the hangar. I was number two for the pumps so I shut down to wait on a Cessna. Once the Cessna was clear I was a lazy butt and started up for my fifty foot taxi. I took on twenty gallons to take me to 35 total. I restarted and taxied to the run up area and followed with a taxi to runway two four hold short.  I made my call and departed the New Garden area, it was still pretty quiet around the field.
It was a smooth ride at three thousand and I broke the relaxing hum of 08Romeo with a call for flight following from Harrisburg. I reported eighteen south east of Lancaster VOR, three thousand level, with current ATIS info at the field. I was given a squawk code and identified by approach, it was a happy ride along. I was handed off to Lancaster tower and reported seven miles south with current wx for a full stop. I was directed to report a three mile final for three-one, easy peasy.  I made a nice landing and taxied clear to find my way to the FBO.
I didn't wait long as I heard Mike making his call to the tower, he was given the same direction, report three mile final runway three-one. Mike made a nice landing and taxied to the FBO so we could secure the Cirrus.

Next up was the hop back to Wilmington. Nice tail wind for this leg and some very mild turbulence. I kind of plunked 08Romeo in on runway nine, making a save out of a bad flair with just a bit of throttle. The plan was to drop Mike off for his car so he could pick me up at 58M, Cecil County Airport.  Instead, Mike tugged out the Cessna he teaches in and we met up at Cecil County. Mike took off ahead of me and I followed him on PCAS to keep a safe distance.  Cecil County was busy with aircraft but we each worked our way into the pattern and both made nice landings.
I secured 08Romeo and then we climbed aboard the 160 hp Cessna 172 for the ride back to New Garden so I could pick up my SUV. Mike made a nice landing despite the float and taxied clear. The field was getting ready for glider action and the piston crowd was starting to come alive. Mike taxied back out and headed for KILG and I got my SUV out and followed, well taking the longer ground route of course.  We finished up the day with a great lunch at Capriotti's, the best Sub's/hoagies!!


Steve said...

Gonna get your COMM and start a taxi service already? :)

Gary said...

It sure seems that way. :)