Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sand Castle is Open

As a follow up to the Sand Castle at OCMD post, Mary and I decided we would take advantage of a beautiful Saturday morning to complete the mission. We dropped of Ziva at the kennel and headed straight to the airport.
We decided to have breakfast once we got to Ocean City and to get in the air ASAP. I had topped off to 46 gallons Wednesday night in case Mike needed to use the Sundowner to come get us Thursday but as I posted he came for us in the Cirrus. I completed my preflight, got the fan turning and launched for the beach. We enjoyed 128-132 knots on the way south, just love those tail winds!

Once secure at KOXB we quickly uncovered the airport car, loaded up all the supplies from the plane and headed out for eats. DeNovo's was the choice and as always provided quick service and excellent food.
On to the task at hand, digging out the Sand Castle. I broke out the shovel and started to fill the trenches left by the dual wheels on the Castle, not fun. Mary gave the inside a good cleaning and started to arrange all the cabinets. I hooked up the utilities and got the water system anti-freeze flushed out, cable tv online and the sanitary connected. Power will not be turned on until Monday but we have a generator on board that I ran to power the vacuum, lights and tv.

Once finished up we took full advantage of the shower and cleaned up for an early dinner. Our friend Jo was at the beach and we decided to meet at the Harborside. Jo and Jimmy walked in shortly after Mary and I got a table. The band was playing, the food was excellent and the catching up with friends made the day perfect. I really wanted an Orange Crush or two but since I was flying it was sweet tea only.
It was time to head north so we said our good-byes and headed to the airport. It was a nice ride home with a slight head wind that seemed least obstructive around four thousand five hundred so that's where we road along. Airspeed averaged 105-111 knots. Mary fell asleep and I picked up flight following with Dover then was handed off to Philly. I cancelled about ten south of New Garden and let down for the pattern. A nice landing and interesting taxi back while RC planes danced overhead. We are looking forward to a getaway with no work involved, just a refreshing orange crush, or two, and some sand between the toes.

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