Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cirrus Relief

Strange title, yes?

After multiple missions yesterday in 08Romeo, today's mission was of a different sort.  Last night Mike offered to fly us to/from Ocean City Maryland so that we could have a stress free day and concentrate on our home inspection for our new to us Beach Home. The pilot world is a great circle of friends that always seem to be there when needed. Heck, even if you can fly yourself they volunteer just to get more air time.
The Home inspection was scheduled for noon today so the plan was to meet up at 9am on the ramp at Wilmington, KILG.  I helped get the plane ready and once it was time to board Mary joined us. I really do like this plane and I must admit I am starting to get comfortable with all the glass.  It felt good talking with ground then the tower, I miss the order of it all now flying out of New Garden.
Lighthouse Landing Golf Course
As we taxied out the tower offered us a code for flight following since we decided not to pick up our clearance  to OXB.  I'm not sure if that's the normal procedure now but I like it. We climbed off runway one-four and turned south , the visibility was perfect.  This morning you could see down the Chesapeake Bay to the south west and you could clearly see the mouth of the Delaware Bay  to the south east,  just amazing.
Mike offered us the ride to relieve the stress of "getting there" and just allow us to concentrate on the inspection, it was very much appreciated by Mary and I.  We were early getting into OXB so we headed out for breakfast.  Since Ziva has been in the Cabrio and left her DNA hair samples everywhere Mary and I thought it best to rent a car from Don at Express, the service is excellent and he always has something fun to drive.  We made a stop for eats at DeNovo's  and enjoyed a good breakfast then headed over to Ocean Pines to check out other homes for sale.  We met up with our realtor at the house and the inspection got started.  Attending the inspection also gave Mary and I a closer look at everything and a better idea for furniture. The house checked out as we thought it would, no issues.  The current owners maintained the home in perfect order, it looks like something out of Better Homes & Gardens.
City of Wilmington
With the inspection complete we had one last task to attend to. We made a quick dash to the motor home to place for sale signs in the front and back windows, may as well take advantage of free advertising in a target rich environment at the RV park.  With the mission complete we pointed the Mercedes to the airport. On the way we did make a stop for ice cream at Dumser's Dairyland, it was good!
Delaware Memorial Twin Bridges
With the preflight complete we climbed aboard the SR22.  The winds had picked up and there was rain showers in the forecast up north so we filed.  It was still clear and sunny skies in OCMD so with the IFR plan in the tool box we launched for home. We passed under some clouds that looked like they were ready to spew moisture so I opened the flight plan with Dover approach.  We confirmed position and squawk code with a direct DQO then destination ILG (one in the same, VOR is on the field).   We did fly through some very light showers enough to wet the windscreen but not enough to clean the few bugs that left their mark.
Mary wasn't feeling good all day so she went and laid down in the SUV while Mike and I secured the plane. We're glad this step is complete and now looking forward to closing the end of the month.
Thanks Mike! You made our day stress free and time in the air a minimum, which really helped with Mary not feeling great all day.

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Steve said...

a) Place looks great!

b) Those shots of the area from the air... well, I can see why you're buying a place there. Gorgeous.