Friday, May 02, 2014

Multiple Missions

Wow, a busy day flying and driving!  I bagged a day of work so I could get the airport car inspected.  Sounds pretty straight forward, it's not.  The car is at the Ocean City Maryland airport and it needs to pass inspection at least one more time in Delaware.

I was up early to take care of the zoo then headed for the hangar and 08Romeo. I topped off to make for a total of fifty gallons on board then taxied out.  With my run up complete I announced departing two-four New Garden and climbed into the gorgeous sky.  Temps were not to bad and I did keep a vent open.
I enjoyed excellent tail winds and peaked at 139 knots for a good stretch. The 120+ average wasn't to bad, it made for a quick trip. No flight following today, instead, I had the tunes cranked up listening to 70's rock.  Dover did break through with a few call outs and some IFR traffic but pretty much quiet this morning.
Once on the ground at KOXB I secured 08Romeo and headed out for the Cabrio. I had a headlight to fix, the plug is loose and every now and again it will go out. The big fix is clearing the check engine light. I made a stop at Autozone and picked up a reader, a few keystrokes later I was good to go.

It was a thirty mile leg each direction to the Georgetown Delaware inspection lanes. The Cabrio passed without a problem and I was soon pointed south on RT113 headed back to the Airport. Once the car was covered I did my preflight and got 08Romeo started. It was a bumpy ride back to Wilmington, KILG to pick up Mike B. Mission number two was getting Mike to Lancaster so he could pick up the Cirrus.
I shut down at Red Eagle, 08Romeo's old home while waiting for Mike to come through the security gate. Mike was on board less than ten minutes from when I shut down. I had just enough time to make a few calls and respond to some emails.

The clouds were closing in and looking like rain but they didn't shed a drop. It was another bumpy ride to Lancaster but Mike did a nice job with a really nice landing. It was a pretty good cross wind and Mike just rolled the wheels on to get them spinning then floated along just high enough to touch the left main followed by the right main and finally the nose wheel. 08Romeo loves when he is flying.
We taxied into Advanced Aircraft Services in time to see the Cirrus being tugged back into the shop. They finished up a few things then gave the SR22 a bath for her flight home. Mike cut me loose to head back to N57 and he would follow as soon as the test flight was complete.

It was a busy day of flying and driving and I am beat. Tomorrow Mike volunteered to shuttle us to/from Ocean City for our Home inspection. It will be nice to relax and enjoy the flight.

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