Friday, May 23, 2014

New Digs

I haven't posted in a while for a few reasons. 08Romeo hasn't been in the air in a few weeks but not from lack of wanting to fly. Mary and I purchased a beach home in Ocean Pines Maryland which we hope to make our retirement home in the near future.
We have been busy clearing out the basement, garage, shed and anything our stager recommended to ready the primary residence for sale. I have a painter scheduled to do the house and we have a few small projects to freshen up the place for listing.
Where the heck do we get all the 'stuff' we seem to accumulate over the years? We are renting a truck to move some furniture to the beach along with clothes, housewares, pictures and anything else the stager has cut loose.  At times it's exhausting, other times we think its great to thin the heard.
I am working out the details for a hangar at KOXB so that the timing works out if we sell the Delaware home. I hope to finally get some air time this holiday weekend!

The home photos are from the MLS listing.


Chris said...

Congratulations, Gary. Looks like a nice place!

Gary said...

Thanks! Hope we set it up just as nice. Busy weekend packing here but I am going to try and get some flight time in this weekend.

Steve said...

Loved the exterior and love the interior even more. Beautiful place!

Gary said...

Thanks Steve. It's slowly coming along. So much to do to get one sold and one moved into to feel like home. At least I finally got some air time this past weekend.