Sunday, June 15, 2014

OCMD Airshow Weekend

I didn't list this post as N/A since there was some flying involved by the folks in the post and an air show, that does count. 

Mary and I are trying to settle into our beach home while maintaining the primary residence in North Wilmington. We have a contractor in the house, Pipeline LLC, giving the home a once over. Fresh paint, some bathroom updates and basement drywall and paint. The work is coming along very nice and it's almost ready to list with our Real Estate Agent.

Saturday 6/14

A few firsts in the Beach home....

We had our first overnight guests, Mike B and his Bride Kim. Mike and Kim flew the Cirrus in for some much needed beach time and the Ocean City Air Show. The four of us spent a good part of the day at the Ocean Pines beach club enjoying the sun and sand AND the guys got to watch the airshow from the comfort of a beach chair.  Life is very good!

After heading back to the house Mike and Kim walked Ziva and they kept each other entertained. We all relaxed for a bit then cleaned up for dinner at the Ocean City Bay front restaurant, The Hobbit.  Dinner was perfect, great company, tremendous sunset view and excellent food and service.
Sunday 6/15

With the Airshow TFR's starting up by noon Mike and Kim decided to head north early. Mary and I shuttled them over to the airport and helped got in Mikes way as he pre-flighted the Cirrus.

We watched the Cirrus pass overhead shadowing the beach while we drove along RT 589 back to our home. Good Times with great friends! We are looking forward to making it a longer weekend soon!

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