Monday, July 07, 2014

N/A Back Issues

I haven't been posting of late due to not much flying in the schedule.  I had high hopes of knocking out some serious hours over our planned week vacation in OCMD but the body had other plans.

I woke up Wednesday, June 25th, with a sore back. I went into work and the back got progressively worse. I started having back spasms and was having some trouble standing up straight.  I honestly thought I was passing a kidney stone. I went home and decided it was time to visit the local medical aide unit. After reading through Doc Bruce's kidney stone notes on the flying forum Mary loaded me in the SUV and got me to the unit. After a series of x-rays and tests it was determined there was no stone.  Great! at least I won't be grounded and have to deal with passing that critter. Instead the news was indeed back related. I have degenerative disc disease and have arthritis.

The Doc at the unit gave me some prednisone, muscle relaxers and pain meds. I followed the orders and took what was prescribed, once. The muscle relaxers and pain meds made me loopy and after researching they are no fly drugs.  Toss them aside, not going there again no matter how bad it hurts.

The pain got worse so I went in to see the family doctor who prescribed more of the same and told me no work, rest only and get back in here on Tuesday July 8th.  Well, it's been 12 days, I'm restless, bored and ready to get back to my regular schedule. I'm still in pain, now toting a back pillow around from chair to chair and ready for the MRI he threatened if not better. Well, I'm not much better, very sore and stiff but the spasms are not as frequent. I'm thinking PT is in my future but I will know more Tuesday.

I hope to be back flying very soon and updating the blog with interesting flying posts.

This getting old stuff ain't for sissies.


Chris said...

Really sorry to hear this, Gary. I hope things improve for you soon.

Gary said...

Thanks Chris, I did talk the doctor into letting me go back to work. He allowed it provided I do PT three days a week for six weeks.

Steve said...

Ick, that's no fun. I know some friends and family with back issues and those really are the worst.

Hopefully you're able to get straightened out sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Funny I have four of these exact same back pillows from Brookstone! Buy one get 2nd one half off. One in the office, car, bedroom, and briefcase for travels! They are great! Kim

Anonymous said...

...and I forgot to put in the previous comment that Mike and I hope you feel better and improve soon. Back pain is really the worst... We are thinking about you and Mary. Kim

Gary said...

Thanks Kim! We really like the Brookstone product, thanks for the heads up on that.

Hope to catch up again soon.