Monday, July 14, 2014

Some Fly Time

Finally got some fly time this weekend!  A quick hop to meet up with the lawn sprinkler company that needed to get in the crawl space for the water hook up and a welcome party for the new home owners.
Looking towards Cape  Henlopen from south of Dover
 We left Friday after work and honestly it was good to be going to New Garden, N57 and not south on I95 to Wilmington.  Since the I495 bridge is out of service traffic has been a nightmare everyday to and from work passing through Wilmington.
Looking to the south east from  Dover
We decided to head down Friday night instead of rushing around Saturday morning, this way we each got a good nights sleep and could enjoy the evening. The sprinkler install is complete and the grass I don't have to cut will now stay nice and green and thick!

South of Dover following SR1
Mary and I headed to the welcome party and got to meet our new neighbors in the Parke. Good food and really nice folks that welcomed us to the community.

The plan was to head out of KOXB and back to N57 around 6:30 and get us back before I turned into a pumpkin, I'm not night current. The flight home was smooth but very hazy. At 4.5 there was spotty ground contact for much distance other than directly below us. I should log it as IMC since I was on the instruments for most of the flight. I did pick up flight following with Dover approach and they in turn handed me off to Philly. As I passed south of KILG I cancelled with Philly so I could let down for N57.  I loaded up the VOR RWY 24 approach as a plan B but as I descended I could spot the grain silo beacon about three miles out. I announced a left base followed by a turn to final and worked my way to the runway.


Chris said...

Glad you got the airplane out for some exercise! I hope your back is feeling better.

It's always a good sign when the new neighbors give you such a terrific welcome to the neighborhood. We weren't exactly on the receiving end of a party when we arrived in our current house, but the welcome we got from the neighborhood was unlikely any I had ever experienced after any other move and it's a great feeling!

Best wishes as your new adventure continued to unfold!

Gary said...

Thanks! It'as all coming together, slowly. Now if we could sell the house in Wilmington life would be great!

FYI, I saw the text/post Steve made about the park in Ohio. Only a 2.5 hour flight for me but not into the camping thing. We will all have to think of a meet up before summer slips away.

D.B. said...

If you were using flight following, you were VFR. If you were in IMC, you were operating illegally. I think.

Gary said...

I was VFR, with flight following. It was just so hazy looking ahead at 4.5, once lower it was a bit better but one humid hazy ugly view.