Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flight Review

Flight Review August 18, 2014
Conditions: Civil Daylight VFR

It's that time again...

My flight review is due by the end of the month so I scheduled with my CFII, Mike. It's been hectic with all the house showings up north and all the kitchen remodel at the beach.  I honestly sometimes can't remember what food is in what cabinets/fridge at what location, it's frustrating . My flying has borne the same frustration, feeling like a commuter flight with all the back and forth trips and no real get-aways that Mary and I both really miss.

On to the Flight Review...

Mike sent me three ASI based tests to take, which I successfully completed. Yes, I passed all three but had a question or two wrong that we discussed as part of the ground review. The ground portion also consisted of a review of piloting skill topics, including airspace, collision avoidance, spin awareness, wake turbulence procedures, low level wind shear, ATC light signals, runway markings, wx and flight planning along with applicable 61/91 FAR  that were noted in a review document put out by ASI.

My logbook review noted regular cross country flying to various airports largely conducted on VFR day conditions with minimum IFR flights. We conducted all flight maneuvers listed below and Mike noted they were all satisfactorily completed to private PTS standards or better.

During the 1.6 hour flight portion we spent in-depth time on emergency procedures,five maneuvers in all, originating from various simulated reasons. Scenarios included fire, engine roughness as a result of carb ice to complete loss of engine power. For complete power loss Mike encouraged me to run a smoother flow of systems for troubleshooting and diagnosing. We practiced an emergency descent along the way and a power off 180* into ILG. I really do need to practice emergency procedures more often. Steep turns, slow flight, power on and off stalls were all included. We spent time on landings; soft and short. Mike continually prodded me for better center line. All of my landings were stabilized and well within PTS private standards. I'm used to landing left of center line at New Garden to avoid all the bumps...Mike didn't buy it either. Although after our final landing he did understand why I land left of center at New garden (N57).

Mike's coaching points include tracking center line more precisely, being more precise on final airspeed closer to book target IAS. More concentration on holding the airplane off in a nose up attitude in the flare to be closer to/at the actual stall speed (wanting to hear that stall horn) when allowing the airplane to settle on the runway. I really do tend to roll it on and, on occasion, flat one in now and then. Mike did reassure me that at no time did he observe any landing to be in doubt.

Final encouragement centered on more regular  dual practice with a CFI.  Mike suggested every 6 months or so, I couldn't agree me. 

The write up I posted here was taken from Mike's final review notes and flight check list mixed in with some narration by yours truly.  As always it was a very good learning experience. I was drenched when we taxied off the runway back at New Garden. I will say the work out provided me with the best nights sleep in weeks.


Geoff Nelson said...

Nice job! Congratulations on completing your review. It sounds like you have a great and thorough instructor. That's a very good thing!

Gary said...

Geoff, Thanks!
Mike is always the teacher even when its not intentional. A very complete review that refreshed procedures I should work on more often.

Steve said...

Glad you're +2 years on the PIC again. Emergency practice is always fun - I try and do power-off 180s and steep spirals all the time. They're fun! :) Of course, I also generally have no and/or willing passengers.

I like that Mike had you do some of the ASI courses, too. They put out some awesome content. I try and take one at least every few months (though I've been slacking on that front this year).

JetAviator7 said...

Its good to get this out of the way before it runs out and you miss out on some flying! Keep flying often and pay attention and life will be good.

My wife just told me to grab my aviators sunglasses and head out to fly her Cub - yep, I'm up for that!

Chris said...

Good work, Gary. As I read through your post, I kept thinking to myself, "I could stand to do some of that!". So, thanks for the inspiration!