Wednesday, August 13, 2014

OCMD Photo Shoot

Mary had asked Laurie (Focus-Photography by Laurie DuPuis, LLC ) if she could do a photo shoot while in Ocean City Maryland this past weekend.  The ladies worked out the plan and I must say it was fun and the preliminary pictures look great.
Mary and I haven't had pictures taken since we married, almost eleven years ago.  We had fun on the dock at the Yacht club, even more fun towing the plane out for pictures with a gorgeous sunset as the backdrop with us holding hands and stealing a smooch when I could. Laurie even took a few shots of Ziva at our new home on Sunday morning before we all headed to the airport for their departure home.
Ted and Laurie have a beautiful son, Robert. He is quite the charmer with that smile and such good manners. We enjoyed our short time together over dinner and the photo shoot and hope we can get together again very soon.
Thanks Laurie! 


Chris said...

Nice photographs, Gary! And it's great to see all four of you looking well!

Gary said...

Thanks! It was good to get some updated's been a few years.