Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meet up at Kay's

Jeff Frey (Jeff's Flying)sent out an email during the week looking for takers on a breakfast run to Cambridge, KCGE. I was already planning to be at the beach so it was a short hop to meet up.
Front view
I filed, since the enroute wx was calling for broken ceilings around 3,500.  It was VFR at both airports but the hope was that I could log some IMC along the way.  Pax clearance delivery gave me the following; Cleared to CGE, on departure fly heading 270*, as filed, 3000, 127.95 pax approach, squawk 5330.
right side view
I completed my run up and launched for Cambridge. I should have stayed with my original altitude plan of 4,000. I changed my mind to ride along under the layer and now 3,000 has me riding along with IMC just teasing me above.  Sometimes the stars do align and approach puts you in it.  I was given 4,000 and climbed into the clag with  a big smirk. Frank had canceled already and Jeff was still inbound.  Another aircraft was inbound and approach told him to expect a hold for twenty minutes over the field.  Once I was lowered to 3000 I reported the field in sight and that I had the wx.  I canceled early and entered the pattern, finishing up with  my typical flat landing.

Frank and Bev were already on the ramp as I came in for my landing. Jeff was right on my heels as I cleared the runway and watched him on short final from the parallel taxi way. The ramp was getting busy but we all found a spot to park.
                                       LF Frank, LR Bev, RR Yours truly, RF Jeff

We got a table in pretty short order and our waitress took our order for drinks. Kevin was nice enough to take the group photo, he said nobody would know who he was anyway. He cracked me up! What a nice guy, has airline experience and now flies out of FCI with a club where Jeff is located. Hope we can catch up on one of his trips to Wilmington.
Frank and Jeff in 111RW
With full tummy's we all headed out to the ramp. I took on 12 gallons to bring me to 40 for the short hop back to OXB. I didn't bother to file going back, instead, I stayed below the R-4006 Restricted area at 3,000 and enjoyed the ride listening to music.

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Steve said...

Another flat landing, eh? We need to get you some more stick time in the Stearman - that'll teach you to pull back all the time! ;-)