Thursday, January 01, 2015

First Flight 2015's chilly!
I added an outside antenna for my switchbox unit so I can get cell service at Ocean City, KOXB.  I am pleased to report it's working perfect!

Mike B and I traded text messages new years eve and planned to meet up at Wilmington, KILG for some flight time and a possible breakfast run to start off the new year.  I was at the hangar and had 08Romeo ready to fly on Mike's new years day morning confirmation text.  Last item for preflight was to pull the cowl plugs and climb aboard, it was good to get out of the wind and cold temps.

KOXB 011353Z AUTO 25007KT 10SM CLR 01/M06 A3028

It was a decent ride north with some bumps along  the way as I maintained a good crab angle north west to maintain my northerly heading. I picked up flight  following with Dover approach and enjoyed the view. I did have a good view of the Pottstown cooling towers from just south of Dover, that's about sixty air miles. I noted Wilmingtons ATIS and once Dover turned me loose I monitored the towrr frequency to get a handle on traffic. It was pretty quiet as I contacted the tower from ten south with current info and intentions for landing and parking. I was directed to report a two mile left base for runway two-seven and I acknowledged the instructions.

KILG  011451Z  24013G19KT 10SM CLR. 03/M12 A3024

I made a nice landing and added power to make taxiway Mike.  I cleaned up the plane and taxied on familiar ground over to the red eagle ramp. I ordered fuel and buttoned up 08Romeo so Mike B and I could head out for breakfast.  The original plan was to 'fly' out but we couldn't find anyplace open. Instead, we opted for Crossroads on RT7 and Kirkwood highway. There was a long line but the wait was worth the eats! 

KOXB 011353Z AUTO 25007KT 10SM CLR 01/M06 A3028

The winds had picked up and 08Romeo had lost some warmth from the flight north despite turning away from the wind and installing cowl plugs when we tied down. my preflight completed, I climbed aboard and got the fan turning in hopes of feeling some heat out of the vents. ATIS noted and ground contacted for taxi clearance we were on our way. Departure from two-seven at Mike, just like old times. 08Romeo was off and climbing, approved for on course by the tower.

The ride south was like riding a young horse fresh to the bit. The winds were trying to pick up a wing or giving me that tail slide push, it was keeping the ride interesting. I once again picked up flight following with Dover, now sharing the frequency with Piedmont dash 8 flights from Salisbury. South of Georgetown,  KGED,  Dover cut me loose to squawk VFR.  I acknowledged and switched over to CTAF at OXB to monitor traffic.  I made for a straight in runway two-zero since there was another aircraft departing the same. I watched the piper climb out as I called short final, setting 08Romeo in smoothly with some steady stall horn.
It was fun flying and great to experience the seemingly endless visibility today. I sure miss the summer temps but not that nasty brown haze that comes with it.


Steve said...

Great start to 2015! We made a rather similar flight ourselves (blog post written - it'll go live soon) last week. Frigid preflights aside, there really is nothing like the views mase possible by crystal-clear air this time of year.

Gary said...

I if the temps were a bit warmer. Look forward to reading you post.