Thursday, January 29, 2015

Flying Publications

I just renewed my IFR Refresher and decided to sign back up for Aviation Safety Magazine after a long absence. There are many Flying related publications available for us to indulge, what, if any, do you read and why?

I enjoy IFR Refresher, they review real world accidents, discuss IFR flights and break down portions of a flight that helps keep me current and open to new ideas.  IFRR helps review portions of my IFR flying that might not be a part of every flight and ties in the ATC process to help get pilots and controllers on the same page. I wish there were more pages!

As I mentioned, I also renewed my Aviation Safety subscription after a long lay off so I will report back once I get into reading it.  The 'about us' on their web page states the following;
Aviation Safety, the monthly journal of risk management and accident prevention, is packed with useful, timely information on basic and advanced technique, accident analysis and, most important, practical articles on how you can develop the judgment that will keep you in the air and out of the NTSB's files.

Additional Aviation related magazines:



So, what do you read and why?


Roy said...

Hello Gary, great blog! My only current subscriptions are to Flying, and the AOPA magazine. I also look around online at the various forums and owners web sites (I am not an owner). I plan to check out the two you mentioned.

Gary said...

Roy, thanks for checking out my blog. I too receive AOPA and I've read on various forums that Flying is a good read, maybe I'll add it to my list.

ザイツェヴ said...

I subscribe to Powered Sport Flying (PSF).

Gary said...

ザイツェヴ, I added the logo to this post, thanks for the heads up.

I must admit I didn't give much thought to PSF, despite having three friends that are really into it. Maybe we'll get a post from them on this special flying.