Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cambridge, KCGE

The weather was finally looking good for a breakfast run and the Woodbine bunch was headed to Cambridge Maryland, KCGE. I haven't been in the air since June 29th, almost two weeks.  It felt good to tug 08Romeo out of the hangar and pre-flight.

I got the fan turning and taxied out for runway three-two. Winds were calm as I climbed out, making a call to advise the jump plane of my position and that I was leaving the area. I climbed out to 3,000 and sat with my hands in my lap, a very smooth ride. I did double check the restricted area floor for R-4006, it was as I noted 3,500 feet.

R-4006 is special-use airspace located approximately 20 NMI east of the Patuxent VORTAC, Channel 123, bearing 090°. The airspace extends from 3500-feet MSL up to, but not including, FL250. R-4002, R-4005, and R-6609 are within, but excluded from, R-4006. R-4006 is utilized primarily for aircraft RDT&E exercises. No ordnance is authorized in this area. R-4006 is available continuously.
Traffic wasn't to bad for my landing at Cambridge as I set up to cross midfield and enter the left downwind for runway three-four. I had traffic behind me and I made it a point to land long and quickly clear.

Breakfast at Kay's was great as always. It seems we beat the rush today and walked right in and were seated quickly.  Not long after placing our order the line to get in backed up down the hallway to the back door. Our timing was perfect!

The ramp was busy today and planes were parking everywhere, there was even an Embraer Phenom 300 on the ramp getting ready to depart for KMVY, Martha's Vineyard. Some of the group took on fuel, I was good to go.  I did a quick walk around then climbed aboard, it was getting warm out.  I was first to taxi out and did my run up at the end of the taxiway holding short of three-four. Once the short final traffic landed I took off, climbing out in the pattern for my east departure. 
The ride home was bumpy as the clouds started to build with the rising temps. I climbed just above Salisbury (KSBY) and scooted along the northern edge of their Delta airspace. The clouds actually cleared as I approached the coast, but the ride was still bumpy.
The jump plane had just landed at Ocean City as I made my ten mile position call. There was traffic in the pattern and one twin Comanche about twenty out. I reported five miles and short final the Comanche advised number two and followed me in. I landed long and cleared quickly so he could get in with out a go around.  Of course as I cleared the runway the Maryland state police helicopter decided to air taxi towards me and turn east for departure on the parallel taxiway, smooth move since you had to hear me advise I was landing long to clear for the twin.
Another 1.2 in the book. I have a flight scheduled to KEVY Friday late afternoon to pick up our friend Jo Ann who will be spending the weekend with us, that will add some additional flight time for July. My flight physical is scheduled for July 27th, oh joy.

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