Sunday, July 26, 2015

iPad Mini 3 Install

This morning I decided to touch up the support tubes in the Sundowner and get the iPad mini 3 mounted. I papered off the area and after cleaning up the tubes, put down two coats of black paint. The 'scars' as a result of normal wear and aging now look a bit fresher and clean.
This week I had purchased the Sporty's iPad Mini 3 Yoke Mount. I really like the easy snap in/out to make the connection and it sits very secure in the mount. The package came with the following items; the iPad Mini Cradle with 1” ball,  Standard Double Socket Arm (3") and the Yoke Mounting Base.
Installation was very easy, typical RAM mount products.  I moved the mini back plate mount 1" ball to the optional location that allowed the iPad to sit lower over the yoke. Overall it squared up very nice and felt secure. My one concern was that if not centered it would cause the yoke to turn while in flight.  I flight tested on the flight last night to and from KILG to take our friend Jo Ann home. I flew hands off with no issues, the light weight iPad mini had no affect.
My flight test did provide one tid bit that I am going to change and that is the standard double socket arm.  The 3" length projects the iPad to far from the yoke, overall length 3.69", socket to socket length 3-Inch. I ordered the smaller version with an overall length of 2.38" and socket to socket length of 2".  This change, although just an inch, will tuck the mount closer to the yoke and provide a cleaner look and feel when holding the yoke.

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