Tuesday, July 21, 2015

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 3 64GB Wi-Fi/Cellular
I decided it was time to upgrade. I have been using Foreflight v5.0 on my iPad1 for what seems like forever.  I use the iPad for flying only.  I have the typical wx apps, weight & balance, Airnav, Flightaware and the likes. I will say it has worked without any problems although I've noticed it seems to be slowing down. I have all my instrument plates stored and IFR low charts.  With all the Foreflight updates, now version 7.2, I was starting to fall behind the curve.
The mini was delivered today and in just a few minutes I had downloaded all my goodies from the Cloud. My W&B didn't work so I'll need to learn how to share my airplane file for that to get squared away. I have been doing my flight planning and file on the iPhone6 plus, so additional screen size will be nice.   
I also purchased the yoke mount by RAM. This seems to be the mount of choice with my friends that have the mini so I'm giving it a shot. I will have a trip report posted this weekend with the mini mounted on the yoke and my iPad on my lap.
This will be step one in the upgrade process. I'll be adding the Flight Stream 210 and the Garmin GDL88 to couple to my 530W and have the Bluetooth wireless gateway in place along with ADS-B and Traffic.

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