Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why Drive

Mary was planning to head up to Wilmington and visit her long time friend, Cindy. I decided to fly her to and from and save her the driving. Traffic is still hectic heading south bound on Fridays and I didn't want my Bride to have to tangle with that mess for two hours when the flight is forty five minutes.
RT 50, Isle of Wight Bay
Following a busy concrete paving day, fifteen trucks for one hundred and fifty cubic yards I was feeling the effects of the sun. Once home and showered I felt refreshed and we headed out to the airport.  I should mention that Mary had the plane fueled yesterday, while I was working, having it topped off to the slots. My Bride, ordering fuel, she still surprises me.
I didn't bother to file since the weather was beautiful, instead I would ride along and monitor Dover approach. I was picking up ADS-B traffic crossing my path and I was called out as traffic enough times that I caved.

Me: Dover approach, Sundowner 6708Romeo I'm your target north bound at five point five and I have the Piedmont traffic.
Dover: Thanks 08Romeo, would you like flight following?
Me: Sure why not, 08Romeo VFR to India Lima Golf a BE 23.

And so I was riding along with Dover squawking a code and playing nice. Sometimes I just like the quiet but with traffic picking up and the ADS-B screen busy I thought I would do the right thing.
I was turned loose to squawk VFR and change frequency well north of the Smyrna VOR. With that complete I tuned in the Wilmington tower and eventually called from ten to the south with current ATIS info for a full stop landing. I landed on one-nine and taxied clear on Delta. I had advised I was going to FlyAdvanced and the controller rattled off Left turn delta, bravo and two other taxiways. I knew where I was going but I also knew there were taxiway closures. She rattled the directions so quick I responded with left delta, right bravo and we'll pick up from there. Mary and I laughed. The controller did read back the remaining two taxiways that were crossings due to the closure. Entirely to much detail to basically cross a taxiway and enter the ramp...Ughh not rocket science.
Fort Delaware
Enterprise had a car waiting or should I say a Jeep Compass. With the paper work signed I rolled Mary's bags to the vehicle and got her squared away. The folks at FlyAdvanced are always so nice and do a great job. I headed back to the plane and Mary headed north for her stay at the Inn at Montchanin. I saddled up for the hop home and had 08Romeo ready to go, picking up my taxi clearance.
Crossing RT 50 Short final
A smooth return flight south talking with Dover and canceling flight following when passing Georgetown/Delaware Coastal(KGED). I mixed into the pattern at the home field finishing up with a nice landing. I'll be returning Friday to bring my Bride home.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Two hours vs,45 minutes. Good choice even if it was noisy.