Saturday, February 18, 2017

Book Review: My Journey To The CLouds

I normally read through the Pilots of America or Purple Board for Pilots forums to look through their recommended reading lists. However, I found this title while reading my favorite links list on my own Flight Journal blog. One of the links I share is that of Ed and Marilyn's,The Happy Wanderers.

Ed Dray provides a daily blog about their RV travels since he and his bride are full timers. The daily entry is usually brief and sometimes provided with pictures. Ed is a retired Chief Pilot for a corporate flight department, putting in twenty years of service. He also spent eight years as  an Instructor and Flight Examiner for the Cessna Citation Sovereign with Flight Safety, Intl.

The book is a look back on Drays life, from the onset of his dream to fly, his military service, family, tragedy and his final corporate flight. Journey To The Clouds falls in line with good hangar flying stories, he's a pilot, I would expect nothing less. The passion for flying is evident as Ed pursues his career. He is even more passionate about family and the love of his life, his bride, Marilyn and his two daughters.

I couldn't put this one down, reading half before bed and finished the remainder the following morning. It's an excellent read, an example of hard work, being a good guy and doing things the right way. This is a good motivational book for young adults, having the dream and obtaining it.
I am looking forward to the next book that Ed Dray has published. 

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