Monday, February 20, 2017

Beechcraft Promotional Video

I just had to share...

This 1969 promotional video from Beechcraft was used as a means of educating people on airplanes, and ultimately into one of their aircraft.  Check out the white walls at 12:34.
I posted this sales brochure back in March 2010. It seemed appropriate to repost with this video.

This brochure for a 1980 Sundowner was initially provided to the Beech Aero Club by fellow club member Gerald Jackson .


Chris said...

I really enjoyed this video.

- Standards for production values and host energy level sure have changed over the years, haven't they?
- That's the quietest GA cockpit I've ever heard. ;-) I wish mine were that quiet! It's a good thing, too - I think Diana's hairdo would have presented a challenge to wearing a headset.
- Even though the engine was already running when they set the altimeter, the AI gyro was obviously not spun up. I declare editorial trickery!
- Were landing lights an option back then? The spot where the landing light would go was just a blank panel in that aircraft.
- Wow...check out that radio! Makes my early 70s KX-170B look positively futuristic!
- It looks like N6130N is still flying - good to see.
- And, yes, the white walls. Snazzy!

Good stuff, Gary!

Gary said...

All excellent catches!

How many of us pilots that watched the video, immediately upon completion, looked up the tail number. I'm guilty too!

Chris said...

I got into the habit of looking up tail numbers this past year. Because it was the 60th anniversary of the Williamson Flying Club, I was using vintage photos of the airport in our club newsletter. The photos had a variety of airplanes in them and I looked up every single legible tail number. About half of them were still active.