Friday, December 27, 2019

Survival Gear Review

After watching a few of my favorite YouTube flying Channels, I was motivated to review and update my Survival gear. I am going to add this task to my year end flying review blog post.  Think of it as checking the smoke alarm batteries when you change the clocks. 

Here is my current survival gear, purchased for my cross country to Dubuque Iowa for BACFest back in October of 2015.
First aid kit
12 Pouches of water - Expiration 8/20
Water purification tablets
2400 calorie food bars (2)- Expiration 8/20
Light stick
Flashlight w/batteries
Nylon Cord
Orange survival tent
Emergency blankets (2)
Waterproof matches
Ponchos (2)
Whistle/Compass/signal mirror

AM/FM Radio with Batteries
Camper’s Stove
Utility Knife

The Mayday survival kit items are packaged in a backpack that measures 12"w x 17"h x 10"d and ready to go weighs only 11 lbs.

I will replace my water and food bars this summer. The plan is to search out MRE's instead of the 2400 calorie bars, and I'll go with the same water packs. 

Check back, I'm going to open the food bars and sample them this summer. 

In addition, I also carry two life vests, since we often cross the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays. 
West Marine vests and dye packs
Our automatic/manual inflatable life vests are made by West Marine. When I purchased the vest I added Orion dye markers to each vest for added visibility in the water. 

A few additional items I will add to the survival kit will include a small axe, a mess kit, and a personal emergency locator beacon.

What do you carry on board every flight or on those cross countries that are over open terrain? 

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