Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Airplane Education

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I was very fortunate to have the chance to tag along for a quick glimpse of 679er's annual inspection. Although I missed day one of the "open it all up for inspection" process I did manage to learn some neat things that will serve me in my future days of ownership.

I did get to help finish with the wax job (a small portion) that was better to be done by hand rather then chance burning the paint with a buffer. I removed the landing light wing tip strobes and cleaned the plastic lense covers and the light housings. I tried to help/not get in the way as the owner Gary renewed the wing walk area, that stuff stinks and mixes up like grits or cream of wheat. It went on very easily and dried in very little time. We removed the painters tape used to trim around the area and moved to the next task.

The alternator needed to have a bracket replaced and with that completed she was ready to button up. The man working on the plane was really pretty nice, he answered questions and let me help. The bottom portion of the cowl was installed (a boat load of screw fasteners) followed by the top portion. With out a hitch 679er was again looking like a youngster, shiny and new and ready to go.

I'm not positive on everything done but my short list that I heard was a new nose wheel tire and brakes and rotors that were in good shape but Gary wanted to update. It seems 679er does well through her annual's and thats due to Gary's upkeep and attention to detail. I'm very lucky to be flying this aircraft and it's very comforting to see how well she is cared for.

Oh yeah, I was instructed it's best to show up with donuts and coffe in order to take care of any dumb questions I think I am asking. Thanks Gary (owner 679er), Roger and Frank (Cecil Aero) for letting me hang out and learn a few things.

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