Saturday, November 24, 2007

Orville's Restaurant - KTHV

What a great day to get into the air. I was reading posts in the Pilots Of America forum and saw a lunch run to KTHV - York, PA. I signed up and marked out the time on our club calendar. I met up with the "Grumman Gang" which was a treat and had a nice time talking flying and learning new things about aircraft. My Pop always said if you just sit and listen sometimes it's amazing the things you can learn. Initially we had seven people then two from KPNE (North Philadelphia) and two from KLOM (Wings Field)showed up.

Traffic was busy coming into York this morning as I made my initial call 14 to the south west inbound for a full stop. I like to listen early and get a mental picture on who is where in the pattern and who is headed in. I heard Ron in 22L I think 7 or so out No. 1 to land followed by a Cirrus No. 2 and I was above pattern alt (1500') crossing SE of the field at 2700' to reposition for a down wind entry to the runway in use three five. I called a two mile 45* for left down wind 35 and set up to land. There was a mooney crossing midfield to join the pattern at altitude. My base to final was a bit high but I slip in for a nice landing and taxi clear. I hear the mooney turn base as I make my way clear off the runway and announce the same.

A great lunch and good service for my first visit to Orville's Restaurant. We saddled up and headed home for Wilmington picking up flight following with Harrisburg then Philadelphia. About 10 miles out I canceled Flight Following and contacted Wilmington. I was directed to make straight in runway 14 and report two mile final, I acknowledged. At two miles I made my call, Wilmington Tower Archer 679er 2 mile final one four. When I released the mic button I heard "to land" so I replied, tower, we doubled, confirm cleared to land one four for 679er. The controller came back with some attitude because he had to repeat, I politely acknowledged thank you, cleared to land one four for 679er.

I taxied off and awaited instructions as if to punish me I guess. No problem I acknowledged destination on the field again as Red Eagle and added a thank you sir. I finally got to my tie down and secured the plane.

A fun day today with 1.7 in the book. Mary and I will be heading out tomorrow morning for breakfast at KMIV - Millville, NJ at our favorite place Antino's.

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