Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jersey Bound

I can't remember the last weekend that provided back to back GREAT flying weather. I took advantage flying Friday in windy gusting conditions to get 679er back from annual. Then on Saturday to York for a lunch run and today breakfast at Millville, NJ followed by a short hop to Cape May, NJ.

METAR KILG 251451Z VRB03KT 10SM CLR 04/M01 A3040

There was a lot of traffic in the air today as I departed Wilmington but even more traffic at KMIV- Millville,NJ. I announced to Millville traffic on 123.65 that I was 10 north west AFTER listening to the ASOS and announced inbound for full stop two eight. UGHhhhh...Millville radio jumps right in and gives me the wx, pattern traffic, traffic leaving and traffic inbound. HELLO!!! I got the update on ASOS and have been monitoring for the last 15 miles. I didn't return his call at first but he made a second call if I copied. Instead of tying up the radio with him calling again and again I acknowledged. Every call on the radio was met with the full wx and traffic report which clogged the darn airwaves. Then what really fried my A$$ was the pilots that told this yahoo they didn't have the wx update, LISTEN TO THE ASOS nit-wit! Of course Millville radio gave the full run down again and again and again, did I mention again?

Ok, off the soap box for now. We taxi to the ramp at Big Sky and before we can even climb out the line guy chocks the wheels and asks how he could be of service, very nice. I had the tanks topped off and 679er took 17 gallons. John and I had breakfast at the Cornerstone (Antino's) after waiting in line for a short time. You know, if you stare at people long enough they get up from the table and leave.......just kidding but I bet it would have worked. Both ramps were full today, Millville jet and Big Sky. The fuel truck was everywhere and the airport was busy.

METAR KMIV 251654Z AUTO 28003KT 10SM CLR 09/M03 A3034

METAR KWWD 251655Z AUTO 27005KT 10SM CLR 08/M03 A3037

John and I decided to putz around with the video camera mount location then got disgusted and decided to get back in the air, the hell with the video. We were No. 3 behind a Cessna and a Navion and held short for an aircraft on short final. If the MIV radio would have shut up long enough we could have all kept each other notified. I squeaked in that I was going to hold short for the aircraft on final and waited my turn. Once all clear we launched for Cape May, NJ.

We entered the pattern for Cape May on the cross wind for two eight. I hate crossing the airfield anymore to reposition, I rather swing out wide and enter on the 45* or enter the cross wind, it provides a very good look for see and avoid.

METAR KILG 251851Z 25007KT 10SM CLR 11/M03 A3030

After departing Cape May we pointed 679er towards the Salem Nuke plant cooling tower. It's a great landmark and the visibility was great today. Wilmington had us notify on 5 mile final for three two and we followed the directive. The same guy was on today as yesterday, he was in a better mood. ATC actually thanked me for the 5 mile notification, then cleared me to land. I drifted off center left a bit but made a nice landing. I taxied clear and contacted ground point seven for instructions to my tie down.

Just two hours in the air today but was it the best time! Next up on December 8th is our hop to St. Michael's for their Christmas parade and host of other activities.

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