Friday, November 23, 2007

Home From Annual

A sunny day today has me excited about returning 679er back home. Annual completed and a fresh wash and wax has 679er looking sweet. I met Gary at KILG and he drove the first leg to 58M Cecil County (Elkton, MD). I got the go-ahead to fly 679er home so I headed out to pre-flight.

This was my first post-annual flight. I decided to give a little extra prep of the surrounding area (google earth) and know where I could set down if needed. I thought this sounded strange but decided you just never know. Anyway, I was ready for my short hop home. I taxied to the self serve fuel and Gary and I topped off the tanks. Fuel is priced much better at 58M then at KILG. Fueled and ready to go I taxi out to the hold short for runway three one and complete my run up, all systems looked good to go.

I back taxi a short way and turn into the wind. A check of the instruments, all in the green, full power and 10* of flaps has me in the air almost what seemed to be in an instant. Climbing out clear of the trees, I raise the flaps and 679er continues to scream on out. Gary's right this girl loves the cold and I am enjoying the ride. Another check of the gauges shows everything in the green and a great rate of climb. I turn crosswind and downwind and decide it's ok to head for home. I turn left to 75* and make for KILG.

METAR KILG 231751Z 31018G22KT 10SM CLR 06/M08 A3018

ME: Wilmington tower, Archer 28679er, 14 south west, inbound for full stop, with foxtrot, 2,100 level.
TOWER: Cherokee 679er enter left downwind three two advise abeam the numbers.
ME: Abeam the numbers three two, for 679er

As I enter the downwind I am cleared to land and acknowledge. Wind check is 340* 18G24 low level wind shear reported. Greaaaaat just what I want to hear. Winds are 20* off the nose so that's no problem, some extra throttle work and it should be fun. I turn base and final and crab to the numbers for three two. I kick out a bit early and get blown left of the center line a tad but still in very good shape, stall horn moan followed by the mains giving me a slight chirp. Smooth if I must say so myself. The tower is busy this morning as I roll out on three two. Tower advises left turn Fox3 but then asks my final destination. I reply Red Eagle and he directs me to continue 32 right turn runway 9, left turn Kilo 5. I acknowledge Niner right left Kilo 5 for 679er. I taxi in and shut down then secure. 679er looks great with the fresh wax, I can't wait to get back in the air Sunday morning!

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