Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lunch Run KTHV

Today looked to be a perfect day, no wind, NO RAIN and some big shinny thing giving off a warm glow in the sky. Ok, it was a tad bit nip but I still refused a jacket, instead a favorite sweatshirt, Brandywine Airport ball cap and beat around the house jeans. Ah, true comfort.

Mary is working 8 to 5 so she had to take a pass for today, We were planning on a nice lunch run tomorrow just to get some flight time but the wx may not cooperate. I happened to email Jeff who flies a sweet 66 Piper 180 out of 33N (Delaware Air Park) and mentioned I was thinking about flying. I attached my cell number just in case. I don't think the email was more then 1 minute old and my phone rang. Jeff was already planing to fly so we agreed on a location and time. I went through my "I want to fly" list and contacted a co-worker that happens to work Operations at KMIV. Joe had to pass due to a prior commitment but was excited that I called and said he would love to go another time. I hung up and dialed up my long time friend, more like my second brother, John. His wife was going horseback riding and given the option of standing around in a cold barn or flying he said what time shall I show up. We planned to meet Jeff at KILG, Red Eagle aviation.

METAR KILG 051551Z 21004KT 10SM CLR 03/M06 A3039
METAR KTHV 051553Z AUTO 28004KT 10SM CLR 03/M08 A3036

I had just called clear prop and fired up 679er so her oil had time to warm up. I dialed in the tower to listen for Jeff's arrival and there he was,no not landing, walking up to my vent window. Gezzz, he must have been in stealth mode. We both were cleared to taxi to runway 27 at mike. I was first off and Jeff had to hold for traffic. I guess we were spaced maybe 5 minutes apart. Jeff picked up traffic advisories with Philadelphia and I decided to pick up with Harrisburg approach when I was a few miles east of the Susquehanna River.

York was really busy today. I have to say that was the most traffic I have ever had to deal with at one location. Jeff was a mile or so behind me and we had a Cessna below us at 2000' while we cruised along at 3200' to overfly the field and set up for the 45* for left down wind runway three five. The Cessna decided to enter on the crosswind for three five, to much traffic for me to go that route, I didn't want to get center punched. Once crossing the field I made a descending right hand turn to pattern altitude (1500') and called my 2 mile 45* for runway three five, York. I spotted an aircraft on very short final,thinking it was the Cessna, but it was a low wing. The lady flying the trailing low Cessna then called out her turn to final and I extended my base. Once she passed abeam our position I added a second notch of flaps and turned base. I watched the Cessna land and turn to the taxiway. I added the last notch of flaps and set 679er down a bit long knowing Jeff was soon to follow and I din't want to have to taxi long and slow.

We all climbed out and to my surprise Jeff had a co-pilot on board, his daughter Hannah. Well if this child didn't just melt your heart, what a lil' cutie and just so polite. Hannah seemed to enjoy the flight and with that hot looking red headset she was good to go. So nice to see children that are so well behaved.

We decided to hold off checking out each others aircraft until or tummy's were full. The food was good and service too, especially for how busy they were at Orville's. We chatted flying and both agreed on the need for the Instrument Rating. It seems we both have the same goals for 08, more flight hours and our IR.

My cheeseburger and fries were good and the cup of hot tea hit the spot. We made our way to the ramp and checked out each others planes. We watched an older Piper Aztec taxi in and shutdown and we both commented on the price to gas that baby up.

METAR KTHV 051653Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM CLR 05/M08 A3032
METAR KILG 051851Z 15003KT 10SM CLR 04/M05 A3032

We saddled up for home and completed the checklists. A call of clear prop and 679er is ready to roll. I followed Jeff out to the run up area as we were waiting on traffic so we could take off. Jeff decided to make a direct route to 33N passing through the speed ring of the ADIZ and we went direct to KILG at 4500'. Harrisburg approach was really busy. I called for traffic advisories and by the time he ID'ed me he said I was leaving his area and passed on the info to contact Potomac. I ran the remaining distance (30 miles) to Wilmington, monitoring Harrisburg Approach then switching to the tower at ILG at 20 miles out. With the current ATIS noted and now 12 miles or so west of ILG, I contacted the tower for landing instructions. I was alerted to two aircraft, one a tomahawk, passed out in front of our nose right to left and the other was a Civil Air Patrol traffic watch flight. Cleared to land runway nine I acknowledge and complete my landing checklist. A nice landing if I do say so myself followed by a short taxi to tie down rounded out the day.

The video is blurry at times due to a dirty wind screen or an auto-focus problem. I'll have to re-fill our spray bottle and clean off the water spots or read the book that came with the video camera.


Ted Thompson said...

Fun video. I'm only a vPilot, but I live near KTHV so it was neat to see a cockpit video from there - not a lot of them around!

You'll take high any day eh? ^_^

Best advice I ever read: "To go up, pull back, to go down, pull back more. LOL

Smooth TD - very nice.

Gary said...


Thanks for posting! Wow that video was not very clear, or the windscreen was really dirty.

I fly on Vatsim, it keeps my instrument approaches sharp. Maybe we'll catch up.