Friday, January 13, 2012

Avionics Shopping

In my previous post I made a quick stop at the airport to get 08Romeo plugged in for some pre-heated weekend flying.  I failed to mention that I forgot my keys and had to ask the Avionics shop to lend me my spares I keep locked up with them.  It saved me a trip back and forth and got 08Romeo taken care of.

One of the drawbacks to walking in the avionics shop is the urge to window shop.  I had been on the fence about updating my nav/com 2 from the Collins 351/251 and my Collins TDR950 transponder. I really want the added standby frequencies and flip flop capability on com 2, along with maintaining the second glide slope with nav 2. My Collins TDR 950 transponder has a problem with my Zaon traffic unit presenting bogus targets following me at 200 feet high or low, it's annoying. I priced out a few different units and was offered a unit from Garmin, the GTX 327 for just one AMU, it's a great deal.
KX155 w/KI209

Garmin GTX 327
Soooooo......for the heck of it I asked for a quote and approximate schedule to install. The price breakdown follows:

KX155 Nav/Com Excellent Condition - 1500
GTX327 Transponder Excellent Condition- 1000
King Glide Slope - 750
Labor - 2300
Misc Parts - 100
Totals out at $5650

The resale value of the Collins 251/351 Nav/Com is around $350 for each and the TDR 950 is going for $600.  I figure with resale I should recover $1000-$1300. $5650 initial cost minus the resale of current equipment $1200 leaves a balance of $4500.00.

I placed my name on the schedule....God help me.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Next time go home and get your keys!

Geoff Nelson said...

Yeah, I fell into that trap too, but I am VERY happy with the outcome. Good choice on the KX-155. Is your plane 14v or 28v?

Gary said...

Ann, Driving home for my keys sure would have saved some money!

Geoff, 28v system. Both radio and transponder are spotless. They just came out of a Baron.

Chris said...

Gary, I just did the same thing. I'll be exchanging a KX-170B for a gently used 430W (this will be concurrent with a panel rewire - my airplane has SO many old wire bundles behind the panel from long-removed avionics). I made the decision earlier this week. Your statement: "I placed my name on the schedule...God help me" sums up my thought process this week EXACTLY.

Gary said...

Chris, lol...really, the "what have I done" kept running through my head all the way home. I considered a 430, if I could find a nice unit for a good price. For now they are holding the equipment and I am on the list. My search will continue.

Good deal on the 430W. WAAS is on my list of upgrades, maybe this time next year I'll do the 530.

Chris said...

Yeah, I was trying to be fiscally prudent! I was also quoted costs for a GTN 650. Even with the current $1000 rebate, I just couldn't justify the cost. It's a pretty nice looking unit, but I was trying to keep in mind that I fly a Cherokee for goodness sake! We're going to do all the work in early April during my annual. It will be nice having at least one radio in the panel that was manufactured after my wife was born.

D.B. said...

Good choice. I also switched out the old Collins on my Sundowner for a KX155 and never regretted it. Now I'd like to put one in my new Bonanza, but may go for a used Garmin 430 or 430W instead with prices falling.

Steve said...

It's always worth it for new toys, right? Even as a lowly VFR guy the helpfulness of flip-flop can't be understated. With the amount of IFR flying you do I'd say it's almost a workload-reducing requirement!

6 Tell all that to Mary if she asks why your AMEX bill is so high next month... ;-)

Gary said...

AMEX? I wish, cash on delivery. Pay it, forget it....... It doesn't hurt as long.

Mary's on board, well at least she seems on board. She wants th traffic functioning as much as I do so the transponder has to be changed. The radio is a bonus, I wish it could be a 430. I'm still looking.

Steve said...

Oh I just use the AMEX to get more frequent flyer miles!

Max Williams said...

Ha ha ha, those are nice buys! Next time don’t forget to bring your keys to avoid window shopping! LOL

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