Friday, January 13, 2012


It's that stinking time of the year, yes, winter is here.  No snow yet but cold temps with a wind chill factor and gusty winds hitting 50 mph. I made the quick trip to the airport to plug 08Romeo in for the first time 'this year'. Maybe I can fly this weekend or Monday, since I am off for the Holiday.

Tools of the trade....

Three 100' 12/3 extension cords to get power to the plane.
My always faithful Reiff heaters, consisting of 50watt band heaters on each cylinder and a 100 watt pad on the oil sump. I've considered adding an oil cooler heating pad but since I keep it plugged in all night and cover with a padded moving blanket, 08Romeo will be fine.
Last but not least a gallon of Peak RV antifreeze and a one gallon pump sprayer for the frost.
I'll be on the ramp with a heavy jacket, leather fur lined gloves, ear muffs and scarf. I sure wish we had a hangar! 

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ddf said...

Not only cold but windy! Sure wish we had a hangar, but at least I'm not parked on permafrost.