Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Closer Look

I had some time today to meet up with the owner of the Fleetwood Storm 30, Class A Motorhome Coach we are thinking about buying. Finally a chance to get hands on and really give the unit a good once over.
Overall the unit looks good, it needs a good detail (wax). Generator fired up and ran fine, heater too. I forgot to write the tire date down but plenty of tread and no cracking or signs of dry rot. I'll get on the roof Saturday and get a closer look at the caulking, vents and solar charger. I crawled around the storage areas and found no signs of leaks. Awnings looked very good, no cracking, bright colors and all deployed/retracted well.
On to the interior. Carpet on the steps was dirty and stained. The remaining carpets were very good. Furniture cushions looked brand new and the cushions were firm. There were no signs of leaks in any cabinets or around any windows or trim. The only spot I did find was a small stain where you fill the water holding tank. It was inside a cabinet just to the left of the entrance and located directly below the fill hose clamp. The bathroom floor was tight and under the sink, leak free. The owner did mention he left the vent cracked open this past weekend when we had snow flurries. A few drawer faces had the veneer type wood grain peeling off, by the bedroom heat vent and kitchen heat vent, seems to be an feast fix.

The unit is winterized but if we decide to buy I want to test the total system, if everything works I'll pay to winterize again. The owner said he paid $90. If the systems don't work it's on him. I'll have to test the ac unit too. Saturday the Bride gets to see the unit and from there we'll decide. I did make contact with a few RV Parks and have multiple potential seasonal hook ups available.

More to follow....for our potential summer home on wheels.


Steve said...

Now that's the way to travel (by ground) in style!

Gary said...

Well we don't want to travel to much, rather fly to than drive to.

Taking Mary to see the unit saturday then we'll horsetrade with the owner.

Beach house on wheels....we hope.