Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter wx, Thoughts of Summer

KILG early AM,,,,picture from Ben Clendaniel.
Overnight, Wilmington got its first real taste of winter with a coating of snow.  The forecast was calling for a coating to one inch but after walking Maggie this morning I would say it's closer to three. Right now we are getting freezing rain so we'll see where the totals end up.  Despite the outdoor winter wonderland Mary and I have been entertaining the idea of purchasing a Class A RV motor home.

Class A motorhome

A self-contained motorized RV that looks something like a bus, often referred to as 'a coach'. Built on a special chassis, the class A has all the comforts of home. Floorplans typically include separate living quarters, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, one or more bedrooms, and one or more bathrooms.It does not have a separate cab; The driver sits at the front of the coach. Class A motorhomes vary in length from approximately 25 feet to 45 feet, and can be powered by a gas or diesel engine. They are often equipped with a generator to provide 120V power for appliances.

We gave some thought to purchasing a condo but the financial ties would restrict our desire to really travel. Mary loves the beach so for the summer time weekend get-away and the opportunity to take Maggie with us the RV fills the need. A seasonal hook up and then winter storage will still allow plenty of travel to new locations with 08Romeo. A home away from home at the beach will be a welcome get-away from Wilmington and provide the opportunity to enjoy evening boardwalk strolls and the sun and sand during the day.
1995 Fleetwood Storm RV
We are going to look at a thirty foot Fleetwood Storm RV on Sunday.  The unit seems to be in very good condition and it has low miles. It's exciting to think of the weekend hops in the plane to/from the beach and taking the time to relax without having to load up and fly home at the end of the day.  Our plan is to bug out after work on Fridays and not return home until late Sunday afternoon or early evening.  Either departure time will not be affected by the typical beach traffic that really backs up every weekend. More news to follow, hopefully with pictures of a new beach home, on wheels.

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