Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy Day Flying

Mary and I started out the day making our initial visit to IHOP.  Breakfast was pretty good and we were set for our annual trip north to Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It was fun to finally pre-flight with my Bride, I've missed her company and help she provides when we fly.  I think she's getting a pretty good deal "meeting" me at the airport for our beach runs.
We saddled up and taxied for departure, IFR release noted and ready to launch.  It was a very smooth flight with some changes to the plan by Philly but nothing major.  Actually a few short cuts that had me direct FJC (Allentown VOR) then Allentown approach gave me direct Wilkes-Barre.  I had some concerns when Allentown stepped me down early to four thousand but it was pretty smooth of the mountains.
Pocono Race Track
I taxied to Saker Aviation and secured the courtesy van. I did take on some fuel as a thank you since I think it's the right thing to do. No, I don't know what the per gallon price was and I rather just pay the bill rather than suffer knowing.
Quarry filled with water
We headed over to the cemetery and cleaned things up a bit along with placing flowers and mulch. Everything will look nice for memorial day.  It's hard to explain, let's just leave it at it's a family thing.  I should add I enjoy doing this for my parents, it gives me time to chat with them, yes some may think I'm nuts but who really cares.
Windmill farm, last ridghe line before crossing into the valley for Wilkes-Barre KAVP.  (coming from the south)
It was a quick trip today and back to the FBO to turn in the van. I did stop and refill the fuel, another thing that people should do.  The IFR plan I had filed expired so I made the flight to KLOM VFR.  Wilkes Tower gave me a squawk code and we were on our way, headed to the Wings Fly-B-Q.

I joined the pattern behind a Cirrus and made a nice landing on runway six. We taxied in and I took on fuel, why not at $5.69 special rate for fly in folks.  Mary and I got to spend time chatting with friends and catching up on whats been happening. We all decided that we would let our Brides make dinner plans from now on and we would just do the flying. We miss getting together with our flying friends.

After I drooled on Bob's Mooney, wow, what a panel!, I decided to head south.  We launched for home and made good time riding the tail wind. Wilmington had us land on runway nine and it was a short taxi to our tie down. We secured the plane and headed for home. I made a stop for pet food and now here I sit typing this out. Yikes! it's just about 5:30 and I have to shower and change for a graduation dinner tonight.

Pictures taken with iPhone, I left the camera in the baggage area. I may be flying tomorrow, Georgetown for breakfast!


Steve said...

You're not nuts at all... I always enjoy seeing you post about flying up to the cemetery once again. It's nice to see you keep with the tradition.

Gary said...


Thanks, I guess it's just something I'll always do. I often wonder what my Dad would have thought about flying to Wilkes-Barre vs driving. I think of all the trips we made back and forth every summer and holidays.

I actually made a statement after a 9 hour trip to Hazelton Pa for Thanksgiving in snow storm. I was maybe 15 at the time and after we got out of the regular cab truck (4 of us) I said I had ford tattooed to my ass, my Mother slapped me for saying ass. My Dad held back cracking up and shook his head.

Ah...the memories.

Steve said...

Ha, that story's a classic. Gotta love all those little moments we remember from growing up.