Friday, May 11, 2012


Mary and I met up at Red Eagle so we could finally start flying to the beach. Mary was running a few minutes behind schedule due to a minor fender bender at a red light. No damage to either vehicle so all is well.
By the time Mary pulled into the lot I was ready to help with the few bags and Maggie. I had completed the preflight so 08R was ready. Maggie loaded through the baggage door and surveyed the situation. She quickly settled and found her spot, curling up and getting comfy. I had filed last night and picked up my clearance with Wilmington ground. 
Maggie parked it on the blanket
Ok, where is Mom and the rental car ( she is watching the terminal doors)
Today's route ILG DQO ENO EZIZI KOXB. Altitude 2000 expect 6000 in ten minutes, Philly approach 119.75 and my squawk code. The winds were off the nose thirty degrees and gusting. It was a crab at runway heading along with a bronco ride to two thousand. Philly cleared me to four thousand and advised final altitude.
Rental Caddy, time for the beach!
I was handed off to Dover as Mary nodded off and Maggie shifted position now tucking her head between our front seats. The turbulence never settled and as we let down for ocean city it actually kicked us around pretty good. I canceled shortly after being handed off to patuxent and made my ten mile call for OXB. A nice landing and taxi to the ramp for the start of a beach weekend.

Saturday OXB-ILG

Mary and I got a call this morning from her brother that her Mom was being admitted to the hospital. She has a cut on her leg and now it's not healing. The doctor is afraid the infection may enter the blood stream so he is going to get her in ASAP.

We closed up the motor home this morning and headed back to the airport.  It was a 45 minute trip home with a 5-10 knot headwind and yes, an airmet Tango to make it entertaining.


Steve said...

Sending our thoughts for Mary's mom - hope she beats the infection!

Gary said...


Thanks! Doc said cellulitus and he gave her new meds. They ended up sending her home which really made her happy. Mary's Mom is pretty tough lady. She said she didn't want to miss the ARRP trip to NY this week since she paid in advance. I hope to be as mobile at 85 as she is!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Mary's Mom is back home, wishing her get well with all speed. You and Mary have taken your flying adventures to new heights and dimensions with the RV, am enjoying reading the new blog. BTW haven't told you how glad I am that Mary is doing better, she is in my prayers.

N1807T (N57)