Sunday, May 06, 2012

Wax Completed!

Just a couple of shots to show the finished shine.  It's a very overcast day but you can clearly see the reflection in the wing and if you look at the red stripe you can see the reflection of the stabilator.

I've waxed the plane and my Benz ML320 and I have well over half a bottle left.  I'll do Marys C240 this week. The Collinite product is very easy to use.  The extra work for me was the prep. I wanted to use the Zymol cleaner wax to remove any stains.


TJ Shembekar said...

Oh that wing looks sharp now! Was worth the time and sweat!!

Geoff Nelson said...

Very nice! Come to think of it, since you half half a bottle left, how about you come down to Florida and wax my plane?!?

Gary said...

The collinite did a nice job. It really brings out the dark colors. Sorry Geoff, the brides car is next on the list ;)