Monday, May 07, 2012

Service Completed

An early start to the day, day off that is, so I could get to Cecil Aero for service.  I also figured if I got done early I just might beat the TFR at KILG starting at 10:45 local time. I took my time and did a detailed pre-flight and was ready to climb aboard by 7:30. 08Romeo started up like she new she was going to visit Roger for service, maybe two blades and a quick start with a smooth purr like idle.  Maybe all the attention this past weekend has me back in good graces.

I was up and out of Wilmington airspace pointed to the top of the Chesapeake Bay, the Elk river to be exact.  A cloud layer was hanging out just on the Delaware side of the Delaware river but I was clear sailing.  I taxied in and shut down in front of the hangar, ready to get started.
Battery Box with a bit of corrosion starting
Oil filter cut open and inspected
2 new Gill 25S sealed batteries
The return trip was going to be close.  I had switched to the Wilmington tower frequency as I noted the updated ATIS info advising the TFR was active.  Oh well, I thought about getting a pop up and started to note my info needed. At the same time another aircraft was turned away due to the TFR and our VP was inbound.  I decided to head over to KMQS for a short spell and try to get home after burning some time. I never did shut down, instead I called Philly clearance delivery and filed for Wilmington.  It didn't help I still got a ground hold for a few minutes then Philly cut me loose.  I got my release and was on my way, ending my day with a RNAV GPS 19 approach and some time in the clouds.

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