Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beach Weekend

Friday 7/26

I know of late my posts seem all the same but this is what my flying has become, routine. I'll spare all the typical details and post a few more photos. 
heading to ILG, stuck in traffic. 

IMC time
The flight was pretty straight forward, bumpy below the layer and inside the layer.  I got some IMC time while Mary and Ziva got some sleep time.
Mary and I wandered down to Assateague State Park to see Rob, Becky and the girls. They had a great camp site, maybe one hundred yards to the ocean and the best sea breeze ever. However, they did have some wild ponies to contend with.
Saturday 7/27
We started out the day with a fun round of golf. No humidity and we had a slight breeze on a few holes.  A few of the holes we battled slow greens and multiple attack flights of mosquitoes.
We headed back to pick up Ziva and loaded her up for a first swim. The Bay wasn't to bad and after doing the tip toe out to Mom she felt confident enough to back out then charge in full gallop.  I guess swimming is a learning process for the pups and after charging full speed into the water she submerged like a rock, she needed to adjust her dive plane. Mary and I watch her bubbles then she surfaced and came out of the water coughing up what she inhaled.  Round two she was charging back in, head now held up above the surface and having a blast.
We headed back to the motor home and gave Ziva a bath then she curled up in her kennel and passed out. We headed to the pool and spent some time bobbing like corks. When the swimming was completed we showered and took much deserved naps. 
I'm wet and sandy!  What's next??
Mary and I had plans to catch up with our friends, Pam & Ted, since they invited us for dinner.  I had to make a quick stop for two bottles of wine. Mary ran into our favorite little market and Ziva kept a look out for Mom to return. 
Ziva in our VW Cabrio Beach Buggy
 Dinner? The food was great, company even better and both our dogs got along just fine. It's always a fun time catching up with Pam & Ted.
Sunday 7/28
I watched some wx last night and updated early this morning while walking the dog.
TAF KILG 271733Z 2718/2818 17012KT P6SM BKN050
FM280200 18006KT P6SM BKN050 BKN120
FM281500 18011KT P6SM -SHRA SCT020 BKN035
We decided to head north early and beat the potential rains and the afternoon threat of boomers.  The flight home was smooth, cool temps and great tail winds.


Steve said...

Looks like a nice weekend. Glad to see you're still taking advantage of the IR + owned airplane combo.

And I have a feeling all the adorable puppy photos might cause blog traffic to skyrocket! :)

Gary said...

Trying to take advantage of the's been a slow year for my flying.